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10 of the Best Cat and Dog Photobombs

It is widely said you are either a cat or a dog person so we have decided that we won’t favour any type and will feature photobombs that have both – cats and dogs bombing each other.


Cat Photobombing a Dog

“No one messes with my swag!”


Cat Dog Photobomb

“Oh what a lovely day ain’t it dog?”



“If I’m not in the picture neither can be this little adorable kitty!”


Dog Photobombing a Cat

“Sorry did I just interrupt something?”


Pizza Hut Photobomb




“I wanna cuddle too!”


Little-Cat-Outside“Just let me in I’m freezing!”



“Hey, do I look fine for St. Patrick’s Day?”



“Dog, I know what you did last summer!”



“Let’s play cat, but first let me take a selfie!”


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