11 Hilarious Sport Wardrobe Malfunctions

Were you ever watching sports, and got something more?

“More” is what the next photos are all about. They show us that the sports wardrobe is not always perfectly designed, and definitely has its malfunctions. Sometimes, the sports wardrobe just can’t stand the pressure, and this is how we got these hilarious moments.

1. Nicklas Helenius may have lost his pants, but he won many new female fans too!

2. Don’t always be so confident about skinny suits


Source: Youtube


3. It can get too intimate!


4. It seems like a part of her wardrobe is unnecessary


5. At least he is wearing underwear :)


6. Even Italian designers are not what they used to be


7. Every women gets some zip issue from time to time


8. His behind has never seen that much light before


9. Obviously too much tension


10. He wants his pants, and his nipples as well!


11. The expression on his face says it all

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