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12 Pictures That Will Show You A Different Perspective Of Historic Events

As the saying goes, there are always two sides to every story, and it is the same with great historic events. One side is the polished picture that the media shows, then there is the other side. Today we have 12 pictures that show historic events each from a different perspective. From the making of the historic MGM lion to a bird’s eye view of how Woodstock looked in 1969, and many other events. If you like them then share them with your friends.

If you know of any others, email us and we will add them to this collection. (source)

1. In this picture you can see the actual real life models for the world famous American Gothic painting that is one of the most parodied paintings in American pop culture.

the american gothic picture models in real life

2. This is a sight that you can’t see anymore because it shows the Hoover Dam just after it was built and before it was flooded with water.

the hoover dam before it was flooded3. In this picture you see Wilbur Wright, one of the two brothers who invented the first airplane, flying around the statue of Liberty.

wilbur wright flies around the statue of Liberty4. Here you can see the “Tank Man” in Tiananmen Square before he stepped in front of the Chinese tanks.

The Tank Man in Tiananmen Square before stepping in front of the tanks5. In this picture you can see the making of the iconic MGM lion scene.

the making of the iconic mgm lion scene6. This picture was taken from the historic “I have a dream” speech that Martin Luther King gave.

martin luther king I have a dream speech7. This picture shows the traffic jam that was created by the fall of the Berlin wall. People couldn’t get to the other side while the wall was up and didn’t see friends and family for years.

traffic jam in berlin when the wall fell8. This picture was also taken in Berlin. It is from the speech where John F. Kennedy said: “Ich bin ein Berliner” (which means I am a Berliner).

ich bin ein berliner jfk speech9. Do you remember the iconic album cover from the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club? Well this picture was made while they were shooting it.

beatles sgt pepper album cover making10. Everyone has seen pictures from the legendary Woodstock that was performed in the summer of 1969. But have you ever seen how it looked like from above? Here is your chance.

crowds in woodstock from a birds eye view11. I am sure that we have all seen the Hollywood sign either in person or in the movies. But did you know that when it was built, the sign said HollywoodLand?

hollywood sign when it was built hollywoodland12. Presidential debates are always in the news and we get to see the candidates. But have you ever seen it from the perspective of a candidates wife? Here is Jackie Kennedy during the Kennedy – Nixon debate.

jackie kennedy watches her husband in the debate with nixon

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    the woodstock one could sure use a giant meteor strike in it.

  • Christian Boisdevesy

    Ich bin Berliner means I’m a Berliner (citizen of Berlin). Ich bin EIN Berliner means I am a Berliner (a German name for a filled doughnut).

  • nice tow pictures