A Bad Month For Bass Players

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To those who don’t understand music, the bass player is the least important member of any rock band, standing there twanging away at a four stringed instrument that makes a dull tone, but take him out of the band, and the music collapses.

Many bass players do more than play their instruments, both Lemmy, who died shortly after Christmas, and Phil Lynott who died thirty years ago on January 4, were vocalists and songwriters as well. Though Phil is long missed and Lemmy will be too, the first month of 2016 saw the deaths of Jimmy Bain and Bruce W. Koch.

Bruce W. Koch

Bruce W. Koch

Although he was better known as an administrator for a restaurant chain, Bruce Koch was also a keen musician. He died in hospital after suffering a massive stroke; he was just 60 years old.

Jimmy Bain in 1983

Jimmy Bain in 1983 (Image Credits: Dana Wullenwaber)

Much better known in his chosen field was rock musician Jimmy Bain, who died January 24, aged 68. Bain had an amazing pedigree, a session musician as well as a performer and songwriter, he worked with fellow bass player Phil Lynott, the late great Ronnie James Dio, former Lynott collaborator Gary Moore, and most notable with the legendary Ritchie Blackmore during his Rainbow days. Members of Last In Line, his latest band, have put together a seven and a half minute tribute.


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