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A Solar Scooter That Is Also A USB Charger And A Boombox

Solar Scooter

The people behind Daymak Inc. have started a Kickstarter campaign in which they are looking for funding for their solar scooter named “Daymak Photon Scooter”.

But this is not a normal solar scooter, it features other gadgets like built-in speakers to listen to the radio or MP3 music with micro SD support while your are taking a ride. The speakers connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Some of the other features could also come in handy: the waterproof USB charger for your phone, an alarm system, a LED headlight and a phone holder.

Max speed shows 9.3mph and the weight of the scooter is 37.5 pounds with the retail pricing set at $299 for a basic model or $499 with better lithium battery, but since they are currently looking for funding at Kickstarter the price you could get one of this is $185, which isn’t exactly expensive.

The range on the more expensive model is 9.3 miles which could be good for a warehouse use (as presented in their video) saving you a bunch of “walking miles” or to get to the nearby shop and if you live close enough to where you work use it for inexpensive ride to your workplace. Charging time for this scooter is about 4-6 hours depending on the model you choose.

Full list of the specifications are listed in the image below.

Specifications Photon Scooter

What’s your opinion on these solar powered scooters? Would you ride one? Leave a comment in the section below.

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