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The activities of the self-styled Professor Alexia Thomas were reported on here in August. The former Lizzy Henz can be found wittering away on both YouTube and on her own website, that of the grandly titled Independent Diplomat Commission. Recently, this tireless self-publicist has duped her way into print again with a Nigerian website wherein the gullible George Otumu alludes to her as a “fiery British activist”. Indeed.

According to her latest ravings, she has documents in her possession which confirm a plot to “Wipe out Commonwealth people”, by the British Government no less, that is those it does not plan to enslave.

In this context she quotes from some correspondence she had with the Home Office many years ago, having written in the first instance to the Queen. It goes without saying that Her Majesty is far too busy entertaining foreign dignitaries and the like to give the time of day to any certifiable lunatic who fires off an epistle to Buckingham Palace. The same nonsense can be found on

British Commonwealth National Card

Warning by the UK Home Office (Image Credits :

It is worth repeating what was said before, the Independent Diplomat Commission is a private limited company that has no powers. It is solely the creation and fantasy vehicle of its owner. Additionally, anyone who purchases certificates or any other documents from it, be warned, these have no validity; court officials throughout the UK have been so advised, a number of people have reported Alexia Thomas to the police, and when they do decide to move against her, she can expect to be detained for a very long time.


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