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An Interview With Lisk Founder Max Kordek


If you haven’t heard of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies then you have probably been living under a rock for the last five years. Decentralized currencies are here and they are growing with their cumulative market cap being over $8,000,000,000! Today we are talking with Max Kordek, the founder of a new decentralized platform called Lisk. Lisk is currently in the process of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which has already raised over 3500 Bitcoins, totaling around 1,500,000 USD!

Max Kordek

Max Kordek (CEO of Lisk.io)

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into cryptocurrencies?

Sure, my name is Max Kordek and I’m living in Aachen, Germany. My crypto-currency journey began with Bitcoin 3 years ago, however I quickly switched over to Litecoin in order to mine them on my mining rig. After that I learned more about Nxt shortly after BCNext launched it. I was actively involved in the Nxt community and also went to several conferences to promote it. 18 months ago I also discovered Crypti and became a Crypti Foundation member. Within the foundation I helped to build out the platform and promote it.

About 6 weeks ago I founded Lisk together with Oliver Beddows and we now seek to innovate the crypto-currency sector with decentralized applications, sidechains, and a remarkable user experience.

Why did you decide to create Lisk?

Oliver and I were both frustrated with the lack of progress at Crypti. We knew since the beginning that the potential of our source code and idea is enormous, but it just wasn’t possible to reach it with Crypti. The foundation model was holding us back and because Crypti’s ICO only lasted 5 days the community was very small as well.

With Lisk we can finally live up to the potential.

I heard that Lisk is similar to Ethereum. Are they similar? Why should one choose Lisk over Ethereum?

Lisk and Ethereum are only in one point similar – decentralized applications (dapps). Both platforms allow the development of decentralized applications, else they are completely different.

Differences are numerous, just to name a few:

– Programming language: Lisk dapps are developed in JavaScript, Ethereum dapps are developed in Serenity or Solidity.
– Mainchain vs. Sidechain: Lisk dapps are always running in their own autonomous sidechain, keeping the Lisk mainchain lean and efficient. Ethereum dapps are always running on its mainchain, alongside every other dapp and smart contract.
– DPoS vs PoW: The Lisk mainchain and sidechains are running on Delegated Proof of Stake, while Ethereum is a Proof of Work coin. That means Lisk is much more energy friendly. It is also possible to secure the network from a Raspberry Pi or similar small ARM devices, which is great for the Internet of Things.
– Usability: Lisk comes by default with a user interface, which includes a Dapp Store.

Can you give us some real world examples of what such a dapp would do?

Yes of course! Here are two examples I just came up with.

Example 1: Internet of Things

Let’s say you are one of the many who own various measuring instruments. They are just lying around, and you can’t monetize them right now. With Lisk someone could develop a dapp to which you can plugin your devices and write the measurement data to the dapp sidechain.

We now have a marketplace with various types of data; temperature, humidity, carbon emission, or traffic situations.

Research laboratories, universities, companies, websites, and individuals can directly buy the data within the dapp for small amounts of LISK.

Example 2: Energy Sector

In Germany there are over 40,000,000 households with a electricity meter. The energy providers have to come to their customer’s houses once a year and check the energy consumption. These electricity meters can easily manipulated or damaged, and the whole process is extremely expensive for the energy providers.

A Lisk dapp could track the daily energy consumption of every household and save it into the dapp sidechain, in which the values are immutable and tamper-proof. Then the energy provider simply have to read the values from the sidechain and calculate the costs.

How is your ICO going? What are the current numbers?

Our ICO is doing great! Until now (Friday 11th) we collected 3200 BTC and are looking forward to the last week of our ICO.

After the ICO is complete and you create the Genesis block, how do you envision the future of Lisk?

We envision the future of Lisk to be phenomenal! We are in contact with several companies already, and many individuals expressed their interest to develop a dapp.

During the next months we will make Lisk more robust, rapid and secure. Improved test coverage, performance optimisations and developer documentation will help tremendously in this regard.

We are striving to be the easiest crypto-currency platform to use. We want to bring Lisk and the Lisk Dapp Store to the mainstream crowd and be the place to go for decentralized application development.

Want to learn more? Head over to their main page : Lisk.io.

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