ANDY CAPP THE MUSICAL (Finborough Theatre)

Andy Capp The Musical premiered in 1982 at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester before transferring to the West End, where it was nominated for the (Laurence) Olivier Award for Musical of the Year. This is the first new production in over thirty years.

The original London production was in a slightly bigger theatre. Unlike the “one-off sketch” comic strip, the show has a full plot involving Andy busting up with his long suffering wife Flo – again! – being best man at his nephew Elvis Horsepole’s marriage to Raquel Scrimmett, which unfortunately clashes with the big pigeon race in which he entered Hermione; you might say he names his birds after his birds! There are some serious numbers, involving the Capp bust-up, Flo’s reflections, and the people’s rueful thoughts including We’re Waiting. There’s also a new character, Geordie, the new pub pianist and narrator who gets the job through Andy and later tells him to shut up – does he have a death wish?

The show is a rollicking comedy and great night out with excellent numbers include Andy’s philosophy I Ought To Be Ashamed Of Myself, Good Old Legs, and Mr Scrimmett – when the worm turns! Dialogue includes Andy wondering how you cook toast and Flo’s aside “You’ll have to excuse him, he’s himself tonight”.

Acting honours go to the cheerful Roger Alborough as Andy, David Muscat as Geordie, and Terence Frisch as Mr Scrimmett. If you get the chance, see the show.

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