Are Smart Glasses Making A Comeback?

Vuzix M300

A few years ago Google launched its smart glass eye wear with usual fanfare “the latest much have technology” receives. Called Google Glass the eyewear would allow users to read text message, play recordings and, to the dismay of some, make video recordings. The product didn’t take off and Google subsequently ditched the consumer wing for the development, although it is still pioneering with a business version.

One of the reasons why the product didn’t take off was because it made the wearer look at little “geeky” and there were also concerns from people about being secretly recorded.

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

Google’s cessation of a consumer version of smart-eyewear is not the end of the concept, however. A company called Vuzix Corporation is developing a similar product, The company will be showcasing the latest developments at the London Wearable Technology Show, which is taking place now (March 15-16, 2016).

The main product on show is the M300 Smart Glasses. The company are also exhibiting its new iWear Vieo Headphones.

With the M300 glasses, these M300 offer advanced ergonomics and a fast processing power. They also run Google’s Android 6.0 operating system.

With headphones, these are a mobile entertainment system designed to be compatible with any device supporting HDMI output (like a smartphone or tablet). The headphones feature a high definition display and nano-optics, allowing the wearer to play games and use apps as if they were staring at a television screen. Support is offered for a range of video game titles.

Discussing the new products, David Lock, Director of Operations EMEA Region said:

“We have been monitoring the attendance of the Wearable technology show over the past couple of years and attended as delegates last year. With our iWear Video Headphones now becoming available across Europe and following its award winning success at CES in Las Vegas, we feel that this year’s event in London is the ideal place to showcase the product to those that are keen on seeing the latest wearable trends that are coming to, and existing in today’s markets.”

Will these technologies take-off? They key will be the transition from the technology show to the high street.

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