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Are You Getting Married? Here Are The Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations To Choose From!

Top honeymoon destinations in the world

There are many different wonderful places to spend a honeymoon. The most important aspect is that the couple is together. However, the decision of the honeymoon is still a key part of the overall wedding plans and it helps to have some ideas in mind before selecting the final destination.

Different web sites, and especially travel sites, have put together their list of honeymoon spots. Some of that information was used to put together this list. One example is US News. The list, below, does not appear in any particular order.   Some of the recommendations are specific hotels/resorts and some recommendations are general activities and ideas that relate to that particular region or destination. This is especially true when the place to stay depends on the activity chosen.

Honeymoon Destination 1:  The Vast Amount of Things to Do on Santorini Island, Greece

The Vast Amount of Things to Do on Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Island, is an island that is a part of the country of Greece. It comes up as a favorite, on top honeymoon destinations in the world lists, as well as travel hot spots. According to TripAdvisor, one of the top excursions is the hiking trail in Oia. If activity is not high on the lists, there are options for tours of the beautiful art that is viewable in Santorini.

Don’t let the small size of the area fool you. There are more activities in the small area of Santorini than many areas that are five times as large. There are beautiful sunsets to watch and relax, as well as boat cruises for a relaxing jaunt across the water. Whether you are religious or not, you can take a tour of history and check out the grand buildings that serve as churches and historical monuments. There is also the site of Ancient Thera, to really go back in history.

If you and your loved one want to see an archeological site, there is the opportunity that awaits you in Akrotiri. And, since Greece and its islands are surrounded by water, there are many opportunities to enjoy the many picturesque beaches.

It is clear to see why honeymoon reviewers view this island as one of the top ten honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon Destination 2:  Cozy Trip to Big Bear Mountain

Cozy Trip to Big Bear Mountain

If you prefer cold weather and snow to beaches and sunshine, then maybe a trip to Big Bear, California is in order. This would be especially fitting if the time of the honeymoon falls during the winter months. Whether you want to ski for most of your time on your honeymoon, or spend snuggling time in a cozy cabin, Big Bear offers both of these options. It is easy to see why this hot-cocoa-drinking type locations rate as top 10 honeymoon spots.

Castle Wood Cottages offers themed cottages to add a little spark to the romance. This particular place ranks well, coming at the top of the lists for Big Bear, on Expedia. They are also currently sold out, which is a good sign of the demand for their cottages. The only drawback is that the ratings are not stellar, on Expedia (Click on “Guest Reviews” at the bottom of the page).

As with all honeymoon spots, in order for you to find the spot that you could rank as belonging to your top 10 honeymoon destinations, be sure to do your homework.

The accommodations include rooms with fireplaces and hot tubs right in the rooms and the majority of those who reviewed Castle Wood Cottages were couples, so it does tend to be a popular place for couples and honeymooners. These cottages rank top of travel spots for Big Bear, California and remember, you are not far away from the excitement of Los Angeles, to add a day trip to your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destination 3:  Virgin Islands for the Resort Honeymoon

Virgin Islands for the Resort Honeymoon

The United States Virgin Islands is another of many beautiful beach areas and it ends up on those lists for top honeymoon destinations in the world. It is easy to associate beaches with honeymooners and the Virgin Islands are no exception.

The resort that rates tops, with 91%, on TripAdvisor is Point Pleasant Resort. Similar to the Castle Cottages, above, the ratings are not the highest, but the resort itself goes to the top 10 honeymoon spots list for the Virgin Islands. The Point Pleasant Resort tends to cater to families and couples, so it may not be the quietest resort available, but it is sure to provide some entertainment and relaxation.

The resort boasts of a fitness center, lounge, restaurant, pool, and a spa. There are also some amenities that are available for those couples who do not plan on leaving their room. The room amenities include kitchenettes, as well as some suites, and family rooms. There is a refrigerator in every room, ready for the dinner leftovers as well as the couple’s favorite bottle of wine and midnight snacks. There is free Internet, microwaves, and all the comforts you would expect from a resort.

Honeymoon Destination 4:  Maui and the Hawai’ian Honeymoon Experience

Maui and the Hawai’ian Honeymoon Experience

The Hawai’ian islands are another popular honeymoon spot and come up on top ten honeymoon destinations articles everywhere. They are often referenced in conversations about the ideal vacation and certainly the honeymoon.

Most of the islands of Hawai’i are built around the tourism industry. There are a few exceptions with islands that are only for the Hawai’ian people and other areas that are set-up for daily life (as opposed to tourism). The Hawai’ian culture is a beautiful culture and the Hawai’ian people have allowed a glimpse into that culture through activities that are centered around areas like Waikiki on the island of Oahu and the beautiful opportunities for paradise on the island of Maui.

There are many hotels and resorts available to book your honeymoon. Another option, especially on the island of Kauai is to find a bed and breakfast or residential rental. These types of places are affordable and even more comfortable than the resorts. The resorts and hotels are going to cater to the conveniences, pool, etc. while the bed and breakfast is going to cater to that feeling like you are actually living in a comfortable home in Hawai’i.

Don’t forget about the many opportunities for entertainment, including an outrigger excursion in the ocean, a luau, and watching the Polynesian dancers. There are also many opportunities to find out about the Hawai’ian history. Maui tends to make it on the top 10 honeymoon places lists, but Oahu and Kauai are also wonderful honeymoon spots to be considered.

Honeymoon Destination 5:  Another Resort Honeymoon, Compliments of Maldives

Another Resort Honeymoon, Compliments of Maldives

Maldives, islands in the Indian Ocean, show up as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, on lists everywhere. It is easy to see how this beautiful location is called a garden island, which is also a label afforded to Kauai, Hawai’i. The Four Seasons Resort introduces their accommodations by introducing it as the place for honeymooners. Similar to Santorini and Hawai’i, there are many activities that you can schedule for your honeymoon excursion and these activities may be easily accessible to your resort, depending on which choice you make.

Four Seasons offers three options, a cruise (more on cruises, below), the away-from-it-all remote location, and the resort location that is closer to all of the traditional island activities and hot spots. It is easy to see why raters rate the Maldives as one of the top 10 honeymoon places.

Honeymoon Destination 6:  High Adventure with White Water Rafting in the Poconos

High Adventure with White Water Rafting in the Poconos

If you and your significant other are more interested in the adventurous life than cozying up to a fire and wine, then maybe your list of top 10 honeymoon destinations should include something that is extremely active and adventurous.

One idea is to participate in white water rafting in the Poconos. When it comes to action and really participating in your life, this type of honeymoon is just right. While the Poconos may be a common word in the United States, it is not known as well, globally, but who knows, if you tell your friends about what a wonderful time you had white water rafting, it may just become one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

It is definitely a little out of the ordinary, but appealing to those who love to be challenged physically and tested to the limit.

Honeymoon Destination 7:  Romantic Hiking and Camping Trip in the Pyrenees

Romantic Hiking and Camping Trip in the Pyrenees

If you are looking for something just a little less strenuous than white water rafting, you may want to look at a hiking or camping trip, to meet that need for activity, but not encouraging a heart attack while you are at it.

It may not seem that common, but there are actually how-to type articles to help the honeymooning hiker couple to know how to enjoy their trip. In fact, one of the recommended top ten honeymoon destinations, when it comes to hiking, is visiting the area between France and Spain, call the Pyrenees.

The honeymooning couple does not necessarily have to spend the entire time hiking, if checking into a hotel like L’Alcova Rural Hotel.   Compared to other hotels, this one fares quite well in its climb to be one of the top 10 honeymoon places, with its impressive 4+ review rating. This is sure to be a memorable honeymoon in the Pyrenees Mountains.

Honeymoon Destination 8:  Venice, Italy and a Stay at Ciao Andiamo

Venice, Italy and a Stay at Ciao Andiamo

You can’t get much more Italian sounding that “Ciao Andiamo.” This resort in the famous city of Venice, Italy, boasts of its availability of being a place for the wedding, in addition to the honeymoon. Venice, Italy always rates well on the list of top honeymoon destinations in the world. Even within its own beautiful country of Italy, it stands out in the top 10 honeymoon places. The list at the beginning of this article includes it, too.

The web site for Ciao Andiamo includes tips for the honeymooners, understanding that they are not likely to be from Italy and need all the help they can get to have the most fabulous and memorable honeymoon ever and Ciao Andiamo aims to deliver that while the honeymooners enjoyer their wonderful and historic city of Venice, Italy.

Honeymoon Destination 9:  Niagara Falls (United States side or Canada side)

Niagara Falls (United States side or Canada side)

Hands down, if you have ever spent time in America or Canada, you will notice that one of the top 10 honeymoon places that comes up in conversation is Niagara Falls. This was especially true years ago before people starting traveling around the world as much.

The beautiful Niagara Falls offers entry from either United States or Canada, making it a convenient location for those who live in either country. But, this honeymoon destination is not only for North Americans, but also global citizens, considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

There are several nice hotels and resorts around this destination and it is a matter of selecting the one that is the most convenient for your activities at Niagara Falls. There are many activities to choose from, including the falls, as well as wax museums, stores, and historical tours.

Honeymoon Destination 10:  The Romantic Cruise

The Romantic Cruise

One of the top 10 honeymoon places isn’t necessarily a place, unless you consider a ship a place. For those goodies, but oldies, they may remember the “The Love Boat” TV Series that was all about romance out at sea. That series actually assisted in keeping Princess Cruises in business. Princess Cruises is not the only player competing for top honeymoon destination ranking, as Royal Caribbean, with its affordable rates is another one to consider. There is also the Norwegian Cruise Line to consider. Princess Cruises tends to cost more, but you get the royal treatment. Norwegian Cruise Line is next, with a little higher quality experience than Royal Caribbean, but Royal Caribbean is affordable, as your honeymoon destination.

There you have it, 10 very different honeymoon destinations, to choose from, in your honeymoon planning. There is one in this list that fits your desire, your activity, and your pocketbook. Now, all you need to do is enjoy!

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