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Dean Smith


An Interview With Lisk Founder Max Kordek

By Dean Smith

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies then you have probably been living under a rock for the last five years. Decentralized currencies are here and they are growing with their cumulative market cap being over $8,000,000,000! Today we are talking with Max Kordek, the founder of a new decentralized platform called Lisk. Lisk is […]


Scientists Envisage Using Lasers to Destroy Killer Asteroids

By Dean Smith

In a way, this idea is not completely new. The comic bos and sci-fi writers have given us a treat of this possibility; dare say in a entertaining way than scientists may hope to. However, scientists engaged in planetary defense issues have come up with several strategies to eliminate threats posed by potentially hazardous […]


Scientists Have Created Batteries Using Carbon Dioxide From The Atmosphere Which Could Replace Phone And Electric Car Batteries

By Dean Smith

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a major driver of global warming. While climate change talks progress on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, an interdisciplinary team of scientists has worked out a way to reduce carbon dioxide already existing in the atmosphere. The focus is on the batteries used by electric automobiles. The researchers […]


Modified Bitcoin Technology Set to Change the Energy Game

By Dean Smith

The smart plug by Accenture is set to search for the cheapest power supplier in the country (in real-time) and settle for the cheapest price that is currently available, reducing consumers’ electricity costs. If you have ever heard of blockchain, chances are it was because of the rise of cryptocurrencies, with the poster child being Bitcoin. Now, it appears, […]


DARPA Wants To Win Future Infantry Combats Using Augmented Reality Systems

By Dean Smith

DARPA hopes to bring rich, real-time situational awareness ability to soldiers and special infantry operatives in the near future. Awards research and development contracts to nine organizations under the SXCT program. A major edge of current US military installations around the world is the ability to have a multi-faceted picture of their operational environment, collaborate […]


Scientist Produces First Completely Recyclable Biopolymer! All Plastic Products Could Be Recyclable And Renewable In The Future

By Dean Smith

Eugene Chen, a chemist at the Colorado State University, experimented on the monomer Gamma-butyrolactone to produce a biopolymer that can be fully recycled back to its original monomer state for re-use. The statistics show that on average than 200 pounds of synthetic polymers (most of these not biorenewable/biodegradable) are utilised per person each year and plastics […]


Stroke Diagnosis Now Faster and More Accurate Thanks to Easy-to-Use Technology

By Dean Smith

Stre is a life-threatening medical condition. Today, medical advancements have been successful at treating stre. Nonetheless, a huge bane on the process has been the time required for diagnosis. Currently, it takes as long as three hours. That is not the only limiting factor however. Contemporary diagnosis methods require skilled technicians and careful laboratory […]

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