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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson wears many hats and her addiction to acquiring knowledge in many areas is demonstrated through her vast experience. From professional training as a sound engineer at what is now the Los Angeles Film School, to graduating summa cum laude in software architecture (and project management) from Capella University, she likes to share through writing.


Apple’s Newest Innovation: Partnership with First Solar

By Deborah Anderson

Apple has been an innovator from the day it was started, with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak turning dreams into reality. The company made a significant mark on 20th Century history, and now in the new Millennium it has announced another significant endeavor: developing solar energy. According to this Forbes article, Apple is teaming up with American […]


CVS Claim They Have Benefitted from Their Anti-Smoking Campaign

By Deborah Anderson

If you watch Hulu Plus, or any other broadcast media where the advertisement ran last year, you have certainly seen the “We Wish” ad campaign by CVS (second largest pharmacy chain in the United States). In the ad, CVS presents the “wish” for better health.  Their answer to that better health initiative is to stop selling […]