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Lisa Vas

Writer, Journalist, foodie, bonvivant & everything in between. Creative by nature & always seeking new adventures. Based on real life events.


College Stress Management – How To Manage Your Stress?

By Lisa Vas

Stress is a factor when university or school starts again. Indeed, some stress is essential to motivate ourselves to get things done but we must be mindful to not let this form of stress over our lives. Living in close quarters with other people, running to get to class on time, the homework and study […]


Is Breakfast Overrated?

By Lisa Vas

For years, we have been told breakfast is the most imperative spread of the day. But why exactly is breakfast so significant? There is a resilient correlation between consuming breakfast and sustaining a healthy weight. Research has implied that skipping breakfast can set you up for overindulging later in the day. A vigorous and nutritious […]


8 TV Shows You Should be Watching

By Lisa Vas

Viewers these days have so much options with regard to television shows and entertainment. The floodgates have opened to various, overwhelming shows but how do you decide which shows to watch. Lucky for you, I have come out with a list of TV show recommendations that would be perfect for your viewing pleasure. So this is […]


Travel Focus: Oxbridge

By Lisa Vas

I was beyond ecstatic to visit two of the UK’s oldest and most famous universities. Nevertheless I pondered, if a tourist were in the UK for a short time and had to choose between the two places to visit, which would they select? How would you decide between the two universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which have a […]


Music of Your Heart

By Lisa Vas

Music is important to everyone we encounter. Sometimes where words fail, music prevails. The tune or lyrics can describe people, places, events, moments, feelings and every emotion in a heartbeat. Our generation is so eager to classify music into brackets, but it is never really easy to place anything in a particular set or subset. […]