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Warren Simons


WAVES Platform is Set to Change The Blockchain Technology

By Warren Simons

Cryptocurrenices have been with us from the 2009, with the introduction of Bitcoin. However since 2009 a lot has happened in the past year alone and currencies are gaining traction, introducing innovations that lack in Bitcoin structure, creating a positive trend and usability of cryptocurrencies – and one of them will certainly be WAVES (it got an inspiration […]


New Biodegradable Nanogenerators Could Power Body Implants Without Any External Energy Source

By Warren Simons

In a breakthrough of astonishing proportions, scientists have invented a device and technology that allows for implanted devices to run on their own energy sources based on nanogenerators. The team at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology and the Beihang University are responsible for this epic breakthrough in nano technology. Based on the simple principles of […]


Carbon Nanotubes Could Improve Hardware Cryptography

By Warren Simons

A team of researchers from IBM and academia has devised a new use for carbon nanotubes. These tiny objects can act as semiconductors, which has led to speculation about their potential use in computer chips. Traditionally, there have been two significant drawbacks to this application. First, the procedure used to create them produces an unpredictable […]


3D Printing Helps The Blind To See

By Warren Simons

With today’s technological breakthroughs, one never knows what to expect next. In the old days, people would marvel at new inventions and exclaim, “Will wonders never cease?”.  Well, when you lo at some of the inventions of today, that old expression holds up, especially in a new way that the blind can see with 3D […]


Will “Brainprints” Be The Security Measure Of The Future?

By Warren Simons

Two researches are experimenting with another way to use technology to distinguish between people for security purposes. The technology decides who people are based on their personal preferences by reading their brainwaves. The device will know who an individual is based on whether they prefer pepperoni pizza or sushi and other similar individual desires. Want […]

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