Baxter Recalls Products


Pharmaceutical company Baxter International has recalled four lots of intravenous solutions following complaints from customers. The reason for the voluntary recall is a consequence of a potential for the containers to leak. There are also reports of the presence of particulate matter. No patients are at risk as the errors were spotted prior to administration.

According to a notification from the US Food and Drug Administration, Baxter has recalled 11 units of 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, 100mL in Mini-Bag Plus Container, due to leaks. Another lot was recalled due to the presence of cardboard. Particles were additionally found in a lot of Metronidazole Injection. This was due to cloth fibers. A further product was found to contain a small fragment of dried skin.

In December 2015, The Latest News reported that Baxter recalled a multivitamin powder following glass particles being found within the healthcare product. This led to the company withdrawing one batch of its product Cernevit powder. The recall followed two complaints from healthcare practitioners, who spotted glass particles inside product vials.

Prior to this, in January 2014, the same company initiated a recall in the US of two lots of injectable nutrition products due to complaints of particulate matter found in them. These were used as a caloric component and as a protein source in a nutrition program.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Baxter International, the Deerfield-based maker of hospital and renal products, continued to be dogged with product-quality issues in 2015 as it issued at least five recalls on products from IV solutions to vascular patches.”

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