Can You Believe This Notepad Art is 2D?

The artist by the name of João A. Carvalho with the nickname of ‘J Desenhos’ surely has amazing art skills. He uses his notepad to create astonishing 3D drawings and sketches.

Most of his sketches use notepads blue lines to create that great 3D effect (blue lines are mostly hand drawn) and with João’s truly spectacular point of vision and his addition of twisting and bending those lines, shading and shadowing it looks like you could just grab those drawings from the notepad and have them as 3D sculptures right?

Enough talk as it’s said “pictures are worth a thousand words” and his skills will leave you speechless.


Mario 3D



3d Notepad Art



3d Notepad Sketch


3d Notepad Sketches


3d Notepad Arts


3d Bart Art


3d Notepad Universe


3d Bugg's Bunny


3d Notepad Art Wave


Tom & Jerry 3d


3d Minion Art


3D Wave Notepad Art


3D Notepad


3d spider art


3d Art by Hand


Don’t forget to check his Facebook page called “Nas linhas do caderno” which means “On the lines of a notebook” to get see all of his progress and art as we have collected just a few. Which one do you like the best?

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