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7 Steps to Writing an Awesome Business School Essay

By Tim Sandle

As you may have already discovered, business writing is not the same as the assignments you did when you were in high school. Grade school assignments focus on demonstrating you’ve learned something well enough to explain it or proving you’ve read and understood the designated reading materials. Business writing is much direct, to the […]


Top Tips For Time Management

By Tim Sandle

We’re all busy, rushing from place to place and jostling with too many tasks. The battle against time impacts for those at work; having to deal with everyday tasks; caring for others and so on.  Is there anything that can be done to manage time better? Yes, according to Saint Leo University psychologists. They have […]


WAVES Platform is Set to Change The Blockchain Technology

By Warren Simons

Cryptocurrenices have been with us from the 2009, with the introduction of Bitcoin. However since 2009 a lot has happened in the past year alone and currencies are gaining traction, introducing innovations that lack in Bitcoin structure, creating a positive trend and usability of cryptocurrencies – and one of them will certainly be WAVES (it got an inspiration […]


Chelsea Pitch Owners — The Way Ahead For All Sports?

By Alexander Baron

Sport today is a big money business, but it hasn’t always been that way. True, heavyweight bo has always attracted big money; Sonny Liston received a million dollar purse for a world title fight in 1963, but here are a few other facts to consider. In 1927, Joe Davis won £6 10 shillings prize money […]


A British Take on Aerial Drones

By Bradley Young

While on a recent trip over in Britain I was surprised at the amount of media coverage that is currently being dedicated to drones, or quadcopters, as some folks prefer to call them. Once the forte of the military, drones are now evident in a wide range of industries and everyday life. While they have […]


An Interview With Lisk Founder Max Kordek

By Dean Smith

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies then you have probably been living under a rock for the last five years. Decentralized currencies are here and they are growing with their cumulative market cap being over $8,000,000,000! Today we are talking with Max Kordek, the founder of a new decentralized platform called Lisk. Lisk is […]


How is the Digital Revolution Changing the World of Work?

By Valentina

Have you ever thought that you spend time with your colleagues than with your family? You don’t need to be workaholic to think it: that’s the reality that every person with a job faces every day. But the importance of work is not just a matter of time: “”, writes Selim Jahan, director and lead […]


More Than Meat Launches New Jerk Burger

By Alexander Baron

Barry Honeycombe, the man behind More Than Meat, has launched another new product. Jerk coing is a Jamaican tradition using spices; jerk chicken will be familiar to many readers. Barry’s jerk burger is of course vegan, but you’d never think so unless somebody told you. A lot of thought has gone into this burger; not […]


Biotech Start-Ups Offer Exciting Developments

By Tim Sandle

One of the growing sectors in the economy is biotech. There is not only money to be made and investment happening, there are also a range of fascinating innovations taking place. Defined by United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article. 2, biotechnology is about the use of living systems and organi to develop or make […]


London Housing Prices Set to Increase By 5% in 2016

By Valentina

The increase in housing prices in London is far from over. A new study from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors predicts they will rise 5% next year. Rents are also estimated to rise, by an average of 6% each year for the next five years, outstripping any commensurate rise in household incomes. This forecast confirms the trend […]

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