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Creating Artificial Muscles With Silicone

By Tim Sandle

Improving surgery is a long-held medical goal. One area that can improve the lives of people is with the creation of artificial muscles and researchers at different universities are exploring the most appropriate methods and materials. One such medical application is with the use of laboratory-developed ‘muscles’ to control severe incontinence. Scientists from the University […]


Remarkable Batteries Made From Wild Mushrooms

By Tim Sandle

Researchers have developed carbon fibers to form electrodes that outperform conventional graphite electrodes. The remarkable thing about these electrodes is that the carbon fibers are derived from wild mushrooms. The fibers are modified with cobalt oxide nanofibers. The fungus used is Tyromyces fissilis. The fungus is a common plant pathogen, found in North America. The […]


3D Printed Ovary Success In Mice

By Tim Sandle

3D ing (or additive ing) is recording successes with medical device technology (where it is termed ‘bio-ing‘.)  With bio-ing the aim that  cell function and viability are preserved within the ed construct, so that the created object has a biological function. A newly reported innovation is with the creation of a 3D ed ovary, which […]


Massive, Tractor Sized, Alligator Killed on Florida Farm

By Tim Sandle

A large alligator (A. mississippiensis), referred to as a “behemoth”, has been killed by authorities concerned about the risk to farm animals in Florida. The large reptile apparently measured 15 feet long and weighed an immense 800 pounds. It is not too far away from the largest alligator ever recorded (which was 15 feet, 9 […]


Connection Between Antacids And Dementia

By Tim Sandle

There have been concerns with the effect of long-term use of antacids for several years. These concerns have generally been in association with a possible link with kidney disease. Now researchers have raised a new concern, with dementia. Antacids are medications designed to control acid reflux and the resulting heartburn. They are types of Proton […]


New Treatment For Heroin Addiction

By Tim Sandle

A new study has been completed, outlining a new treatment for heroin addicts. This centers on hydromorphone, which is a licensed pain medication. The reason why a new drug is needed is because methadone and suboxone, while effective for helping many addicts step away from heroin, do not work for all people with an opioid […]


New Glacier Research – A Waste Of Public Money?

By Tim Sandle

Studying glacier formation is of scientific importance. It can predict movements, tell us about the formation of the planet, and be used as a predictor for the future effects of climate change, such as assessing impacts on water resources. However, one particular aspect of glacier research, it seems has wasted considerable funds of public money. […]


The Rarest Pig In The World

By Tim Sandle

The diminutive warty pigs of Bawean (an island within Indonesia, on the Java sea) has officially been declared the rarest pig in the world. The warty pigs of Southeast Asia come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and many are quite rare. For many years biologists have grouped the pigs together, seeing only minor variations […]


Top Tips For Time Management

By Tim Sandle

We’re all busy, rushing from place to place and jostling with too many tasks. The battle against time impacts for those at work; having to deal with everyday tasks; caring for others and so on.  Is there anything that can be done to manage time better? Yes, according to Saint Leo University psychologists. They have […]


Canine Influenza Also Affects Cats

By Tim Sandle

The viral infection, known as canine influenza, has been shown to affects cats. An outbreak at a medical center in Midwestern U.S. has confirmed the inter-species transmission. Infected animals show the ‘flu like’ symptoms of a persistent cough, runny nose and fever. The confirmation that the virus, a concern for pet owners, is worrying […]

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