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Remarkable Batteries Made From Wild Mushrooms

By Tim Sandle

Researchers have developed carbon fibers to form electrodes that outperform conventional graphite electrodes. The remarkable thing about these electrodes is that the carbon fibers are derived from wild mushrooms. The fibers are modified with cobalt oxide nanofibers. The fungus used is Tyromyces fissilis. The fungus is a common plant pathogen, found in North America. The […]


3D Printed Ovary Success In Mice

By Tim Sandle

3D ing (or additive ing) is recording successes with medical device technology (where it is termed ‘bio-ing‘.)  With bio-ing the aim that  cell function and viability are preserved within the ed construct, so that the created object has a biological function. A newly reported innovation is with the creation of a 3D ed ovary, which […]


Massive, Tractor Sized, Alligator Killed on Florida Farm

By Tim Sandle

A large alligator (A. mississippiensis), referred to as a “behemoth”, has been killed by authorities concerned about the risk to farm animals in Florida. The large reptile apparently measured 15 feet long and weighed an immense 800 pounds. It is not too far away from the largest alligator ever recorded (which was 15 feet, 9 […]


New Treatment For Heroin Addiction

By Tim Sandle

A new study has been completed, outlining a new treatment for heroin addicts. This centers on hydromorphone, which is a licensed pain medication. The reason why a new drug is needed is because methadone and suboxone, while effective for helping many addicts step away from heroin, do not work for all people with an opioid […]


US Autism Rates Remain Unchanged

By Tim Sandle

Rates of autism in the U.S. show no change – at 1 in 68 children –according to new figures compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The rate of 1 in 68 represents almost 15 school aged children per 1000. This rate is similar to the previous compilation of figures, undertaken in 2010. […]


New Dietary Guidance Says Cut Dairy

By Tim Sandle

New dietary advice has been issued in the U.K. relating to dairy products.  Public Health England has indicated that men should take only 200 calories from dairy products per day, with women down to 160 calories. The new target is relatively restrictive. It means, for example, a if a woman drank just one large latte […]


No Spanking In Church, Please

By Alexander Baron

I would have published this article yesterday, but this is no April Fool’s Day je. After a trial lasting several weeks, the Reverend Howard Curtis, former minister at Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, has been convicted at Croydon Crown Court of a number of offences of assault, including indecent assault, against female members of his then congregation. […]


Potential Henipavirus Drug Target Identified

By Tim Sandle

Scientists have identified a screening method for the genes that are essential for live henipavirus infection of human cells. This research has identified a specific cell protein called fibrillarin. This protein could be a target for drugs against henipaviruses, and could help people who have contracted this virus. In various countries, particularly the U.S., henipavirus […]


Why Most Americans Are Unhealthy

By Tim Sandle

Most people living in the U.S. lead very unhealthy lifestyles, according to a new study. In fact, only 2.7 percent of U.S. citizens meet the basic healthful standards. To meet these basic standards, a person needs to: Meet a US Department of Agriculture-recommended diet; Avoid sming; Exercise to a moderate level each week; Be within […]


WAVES Platform is Set to Change The Blockchain Technology

By Warren Simons

Cryptocurrenices have been with us from the 2009, with the introduction of Bitcoin. However since 2009 a lot has happened in the past year alone and currencies are gaining traction, introducing innovations that lack in Bitcoin structure, creating a positive trend and usability of cryptocurrencies – and one of them will certainly be WAVES (it got an inspiration […]

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