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Sex Scandals And Shysters In The News

By Alexander Baron

What do a former Canadian radio broadcaster, a veteran singer-songwriter, a dead politician, and three disreputable law firms have in common? That’’s a tricky one, or is it? How about false allegations and other people’s money? If you haven’’t been following the insane antics of a bunch of so-called detectives in the UK, refresh your […]


Planting More Trees Can Help To Prevent Flooding

By Tim Sandle

Many towns and villages around the world are at risk from flooding. In the U.K., each winter brings new risks for towns built upon flood plains, partly a consequence of longer term climatic changes. While various measures are being considered to reduce the risk of flooding, one way might be, according to the British government’s […]


Using Bacteria To Power A Robot

By Tim Sandle

Bacteria can be used to power a micro-sized robot by propelling it in a certain direction. This is remarkable enough, but now engineers and microbiologists have managed to fully control the direction and avoid obstacles on the way. The devices in question are called “bio-robots” and they are essentially a computer chips coated with motile […]


The Reason Why Maria Sharapova Is In Trouble

By Tim Sandle

Maria Sharapova is in trouble for taking a medication that, on 1st January 2016, was banned. The reason for the ban is because the medication is potentially performance enhancing. The tennis star is facing a ban of up to four years. In the meantime she has lost top class sponsors, like including Nike and Porsche […]


Are Smart Glasses Making A Comeback?

By Tim Sandle

A few years ago Google launched its smart glass eye wear with usual fanfare “the latest much have technology” receives. Called Google Glass the eyewear would allow users to read text message, play recordings and, to the dismay of some, make video recordings. The product didn’t take off and Google subsequently ditched the consumer wing […]


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Be Tested in Florida

By Tim Sandle

As a consequence of the Zika virus threat, a British-based biotechnology company is to begin tests on a genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquito, designed to try to stop transmission of the disease. The idea is to use a mosquito that has been genetically modified male mosquito that, when it breeds with females, produces offspring that […]


The Remarkable Flight Of The Hummingbird

By Tim Sandle

Hummingbirds are remarkable creatures; they are among the smallest known avian species, the largest measuring just to 5 inches across (easy to fit into the palm of your hand). The birds are so-called because of the humming sound generated by their beating wings, which flap at high frequencies and so fast they have the highest metabolism of […]


The Fallacy And Folly Of Austerity

By Alexander Baron

The Conservative Government’s misguided policy of austerity is continuing to hurt those at the very bottom of society, and things are set to become even worse. At the end of the day, this can result only in rather than less expense, and perhaps even a repeat of the so-called English riots of August 2011. […]


Battling Bacteria In A Crowded Human Gut

By Tim Sandle

Scientists have gained a new understanding of the mechani at work within the human intestines, to explain why people remain healthy despite their being pathogenic organi in the gut and why some people fall ill. The answer comes down to competition, with ‘good’ bacteria locked in a battle over nutrients with ‘bad’ bacteria (both of […]


Red Dye For Melanoma Treatment

By Tim Sandle

A new study has shown a red dye, known of since 1882, could be effective for treating skin cancer. The primary cause of melanoma is ultraviolet light exposure in those with low levels of skin pigment. The dye is called Rose Bengal (or 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-2′,4′,5′,7′-tetraiodofluorescein) and, on its discovery, it was used to dye wool (turning […]

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