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Bacteria Powered Solar Cell Makes Clean Energy

By Tim Sandle

A step forward in the green energy revolution: scientists have successfully connected nine biological-solar (or “bio-solar”) cells within a solar panel. The system has been used to produce electricity. The level of energy generated is the highest level of wattage of any previously attempted bio-solar cells, coming in at 5.59 microwatts.   Bio-solar cells are […]


Zika Virus Associated With New Type Of Brain Disease

By Tim Sandle

Rates of Zika virus have been increasing in many countries, with infection primarily through mosquito bites. The disease is associated with several ill-health effects. To add to those previously reported, an association with a new autoimmune disorder has been reported.   Zika virus is a member of the Flaviviridae virus family. In most people, the […]


Creating Artificial Muscles With Silicone

By Tim Sandle

Improving surgery is a long-held medical goal. One area that can improve the lives of people is with the creation of artificial muscles and researchers at different universities are exploring the most appropriate methods and materials. One such medical application is with the use of laboratory-developed ‘muscles’ to control severe incontinence. Scientists from the University […]


Remarkable Batteries Made From Wild Mushrooms

By Tim Sandle

Researchers have developed carbon fibers to form electrodes that outperform conventional graphite electrodes. The remarkable thing about these electrodes is that the carbon fibers are derived from wild mushrooms. The fibers are modified with cobalt oxide nanofibers. The fungus used is Tyromyces fissilis. The fungus is a common plant pathogen, found in North America. The […]


3D Printed Ovary Success In Mice

By Tim Sandle

3D ing (or additive ing) is recording successes with medical device technology (where it is termed ‘bio-ing‘.)  With bio-ing the aim that  cell function and viability are preserved within the ed construct, so that the created object has a biological function. A newly reported innovation is with the creation of a 3D ed ovary, which […]


Two Colliding Galaxy Clusters Detected

By Tim Sandle

The colliding of two galaxies represents a spectacular astronomical event. It is also something that has rarely been spotted by telescopes to date.   The new image has been captured by the Hubble telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope is a space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990. The telescope has a […]


New Glacier Research – A Waste Of Public Money?

By Tim Sandle

Studying glacier formation is of scientific importance. It can predict movements, tell us about the formation of the planet, and be used as a predictor for the future effects of climate change, such as assessing impacts on water resources. However, one particular aspect of glacier research, it seems has wasted considerable funds of public money. […]


The Rarest Pig In The World

By Tim Sandle

The diminutive warty pigs of Bawean (an island within Indonesia, on the Java sea) has officially been declared the rarest pig in the world. The warty pigs of Southeast Asia come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and many are quite rare. For many years biologists have grouped the pigs together, seeing only minor variations […]


Canine Influenza Also Affects Cats

By Tim Sandle

The viral infection, known as canine influenza, has been shown to affects cats. An outbreak at a medical center in Midwestern U.S. has confirmed the inter-species transmission. Infected animals show the ‘flu like’ symptoms of a persistent cough, runny nose and fever. The confirmation that the virus, a concern for pet owners, is worrying […]


Tracking Your Travel History Thanks To Viruses

By Tim Sandle

Researchers think it is possible to track the global movements of an individual by examining the viral load of people. This is possible, a new study indicates, through the characterisation of the genomes of two different strains of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (the virus responsible for cold sores). The reason for selecting this […]

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