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A British Take on Aerial Drones

By Bradley Young

While on a recent trip over in Britain I was surprised at the amount of media coverage that is currently being dedicated to drones, or quadcopters, as some folks prefer to call them. Once the forte of the military, drones are now evident in a wide range of industries and everyday life. While they have […]


Are Smart Glasses Making A Comeback?

By Tim Sandle

A few years ago Google launched its smart glass eye wear with usual fanfare “the latest much have technology” receives. Called Google Glass the eyewear would allow users to read text message, play recordings and, to the dismay of some, make video recordings. The product didn’t take off and Google subsequently ditched the consumer wing […]


Scientists Have Created Batteries Using Carbon Dioxide From The Atmosphere Which Could Replace Phone And Electric Car Batteries

By Dean Smith

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a major driver of global warming. While climate change talks progress on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, an interdisciplinary team of scientists has worked out a way to reduce carbon dioxide already existing in the atmosphere. The focus is on the batteries used by electric automobiles. The researchers […]


Carbon Nanotubes Could Improve Hardware Cryptography

By Warren Simons

A team of researchers from IBM and academia has devised a new use for carbon nanotubes. These tiny objects can act as semiconductors, which has led to speculation about their potential use in computer chips. Traditionally, there have been two significant drawbacks to this application. First, the procedure used to create them produces an unpredictable […]


Modified Bitcoin Technology Set to Change the Energy Game

By Dean Smith

The smart plug by Accenture is set to search for the cheapest power supplier in the country (in real-time) and settle for the cheapest price that is currently available, reducing consumers’ electricity costs. If you have ever heard of blockchain, chances are it was because of the rise of cryptocurrencies, with the poster child being Bitcoin. Now, it appears, […]


Detecting Cancer Faster Using Nanotechnology

By Tim Sandle

A new technology to detect disease biomarkers, by detecting nucleic acids has been developed. Nucleic acids are the building blocks of all living organi. The trial test requires only a few drops of blood to be taken from a person. There are many different types of nucleic acids. One group, called as microRNAs, can signal several […]


Why Is Graphene So Special?

By Tim Sandle

Graphene is the material that is set to change the world, possessing many stunning properties. It is a remarkable material, a two-dimensional form of carbon that is very strong, lightweight, conductive and transparent. The Latest News has covered a number of potential applications for graphene including graphene-based electrodes that can be successfully implanted in the brain and can […]


Scientists Invent Acoustic Tweezers To Move Cells

By Tim Sandle

A step forward in nano-technology – researchers have invented tweezers that can manipulate cells through sounds waves. The acoustic tweezers were devised through a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penn State University, and Carnegie Mellon University. They are able to manipulate cells in three dimensions using sound waves. In addition, the tweezers could […]

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