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Stretchable Electronics: Ready For The Future

By Tim Sandle

Would you like to have a television screen you can fold up and carry around in your ? Or a smartphone that bends easily, in case you accidentally sit on it? Researchers think there is a future in stretchable electronics and that these are needed for the next wave of new devices. There are other, […]


A Visit To The Black Museum

By Mark Taha

The Scotland Yard Crime Museum was founded in the 1870s, although it has only recently been opened to the public, its existence is well-known. Generally called the Black Museum, it is officially meant for training and instruction for the police themselves, but its exhibits certainly have something for the rest of us. We see the […]


The Decline Of Trafalgar Square

By Alexander Baron

London’s Trafalgar Square was the place to be on New Year’s Eve, but that appears to be a thing of the past. For many years, people would jump in the fountains, probably not to be recommended on a cold December night, but it was the sort of thing students especially are incd to do. As […]


Travel Focus: Oxbridge

By Lisa Vas

I was beyond ecstatic to visit two of the UK’s oldest and most famous universities. Nevertheless I pondered, if a tourist were in the UK for a short time and had to choose between the two places to visit, which would they select? How would you decide between the two universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which have a […]


London Parks Declared Sites Of Special Scientific Interest

By Tim Sandle

Two of London’s parks have been declared “sites of special scientific interest”, meaning that they have been designated important areas for wildlife in England. The two green spaces are both located in the South West, they are Bushy Park and Home Park, in the London Borough of Richmond. The declaration has been made by the quasi-government […]


The Future Of Saint Helena

By Alexander Baron

The British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena is one of the most remote islands in the world, in the South Atlantic Ocean not quite mid-way between Southern Africa and South America. Originally uninhabited, it was discovered in 1502, and until very recently its main claim to fame was that it had been used by the […]


British Museum Is The Top London Destination

By Tim Sandle

The British Museum in London is the U.K.’s number one tourist destination, according to new figures issued by the collators of such data, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA). The AVLA aims to represent the views of the U.K.’s main visitor attractions to Government, the broader tourism industry, business, media and the public. The […]


Explore The Amazon Rainforest from Your Home


The on service Google Street View, that is part of the Google Earth and Maps software, is a very useful and fascinating thing, because you can lo and see half of our planet from the comfort of your home. Most of the shots taken for the Street View are provided by specially designed Google cars […]


Can You Crowdfund Your Travel?

By Dean Smith

Crowdfunding has been in the news quite a bit recently. From large platforms like Kickstarter to new niche crowdfunding sites like Trevolta, increasingly funds are being raised for individual and corporate projects by the power of social contributions. While originally crowdfunding was limited to funding arts and other media projects, today a wide variety of […]