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College Stress Management – How To Manage Your Stress?

Stress is a factor when university or school starts again. Indeed, some stress is essential to motivate ourselves to get things done but we must be mindful to not let this form of stress over our lives. Living in close quarters with other people, running to get to class on time, the homework and study assignments that conclude the day can definitely put a toll on us mentally and physically. Here are some ways to relax and learn to cope with situations.

Time Management skills: Setting time goals for yourself, so you break everything down and become more efficient is ideal. Use a journal or notebook to write your daily routine down. There is also time management software that you can use to organize your time better.

Keeping in shape: We have all heard of the freshman 15 right? Exercise will keep your stress levels down. Eating a healthy diet will keep you energized to take on any task. You should have access to your college gym or field house. In addition yoga classes are a great way to reduce stress.

Lower your caffeine consumption: We are tempted by the advertisements of high-energy drinks to give us the edge we need. The problem with them is that most are loaded with sugar you don’t need, and you end up crashing a couple hours later. You end up feeling more stressed later in the day and tired again. Limit caffeine drinks to a minimum.

Get some space: In a college dorm it’s tough to have some privacy. Everyone should have some safe haven that they can go to do homework, read, or just have some quiet time. The library is an obvious choice, but also a local coffee house works too. It always helps to think better with a change in scenery.

Talk to close friends: You and your friends can be a support system for each other during stressful times like exams, term papers and project submission. Hashing it out or lending an ear to someone can be a very useful tool in stress management.

Relax: Easier said than done, right? Deep breathing is very effective in relaxing, sit in a comfortable spot and close your eyes, focusing on your breaths. This can be done anywhere and even before an exam or a speech. Another way to relax is visualization. Imagine yourself at your favorite place, for instance imagine you are at the beach and listening to waves, feeling the heat from the sun and relaxing. This process of visualization will help our bodies naturally relax themselves.

Laugh: Yes, laughter is the best medicine. Laughter increases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel great. Watch a funny movie when you are feeling stressed out; it works to the best ability.

In a more serious case, the college has counseling and a health services department that can help you in any way with stress training programs or publications that are geared towards helping students with specific stressful situations. College life is challenging but also a rewarding time, so learn to enjoy and most of all – relax.

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