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The Bombay High Court has recently handed down a judgment in a rape case that will be music to the ears of sexually active men, one that needs to be universalised. Although the transcript does not yet appear to be available, its essence has been distilled by a number of commentators, including this legal correspondent who wrote:

“If a woman is educated and above 18 years of age and yet does not exercise her right to say ‘no’ to a sexual relationship, then she cannot later allege rape when the relationship turns sour, the Bombay high court has held.”

Or to simplify it, if the guy you slept with last week, last month, last year…turns out to be a total jerk, it’s too late to withdraw your consent. Recently, Enza Ferreri reported here on the scandalous case of the woman lawyer – a QC no less – who withdrew her consent to sex six weeks after she accepted a police caution for outraging public decency.

The Bombay judgment rules that just because a man bedded a woman on a promise of matrimony then reneged, she had no legal redress. The same applied even if he had sponged off her. Since the scandalous case of India’s daughter in December 2012 which saw a young woman literally raped to death, more heat than light has been generated on the sub-continent about sexual abuse. This landmark ruling, by a senior woman judge, tells especially young women what they need to know, they are responsible for their own poor choices. Probably the majority if not the vast majority of so-called date rape cases in the West are similar in nature to this, ie they are not rapes at all, rather they are buyer’s remorse. But young women brainwashed by feminist dogma and shielded with lifelong anonymity have nothing to lose by making the most outrageous false allegations against their former love mates when a relationship goes pear shaped, as happened with Mattress Girl, who waived her anonymity to achieve first a bizarre type of fame and then notoriety with her even more bizarre sex tape.

The bottom line is that young women want young men to give them a good time, usually at the latter’s expense, while young men want from young women what they have always wanted from young women. The fact that today many young women earn big bucks and can pay their own way does not alter this in the slightest.

A wise man once said never take a woman to bed unless you would take the same woman for your wife. Women should apply a similar dictum, namely, would I want to wake up next to this guy every morning for the next thirty years? If your answer is yes, fine; if it is no, that is still fine, but don’t cry rape at any time in the future. Consent cannot be withdrawn retrospectively. India has at last acknowledged this; now it is time for the Western world to do the same.

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