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Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story


While stories about police corruption always have a wide appeal, it remains to be seen how much of this one is true. We are told at one point that a hit man was sitting outside a police station waiting to assassinate a police officer. With a machine gun! He had been contracted to kill three of them. While police officers have of course been murdered in the UK, nothing like that has ever happened outside of Northern Ireland during the reign of terror by the crazy white men, but think of what would have been the reaction.

Although none of these alleged contract killings was ever fulfilled, some of the allegations made herein are not mere allegations, in particular the attempt to frame a young mother involved in a custody dispute for drug dealing, and the 1987 murder of private detective Daniel Morgan – about a mile from where these words are being written. That murder remains unsolved to this day; the conspiracy to destroy Kim James did not – in December 2000, former Detective Constable Austin Warnes pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and along with the former husband of the victim received a custodial sentence. All this and a lot more appear in this documentary about Operation Tiberius, which includes contributions from sundry players, including a Customs official. The big question though is could something like this still happen today? If you have ever had any sort of run-in with corrupt UK police officers, you will realise that is not really such a big question.

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