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Dangerous Satanic Abuse Fantasies Surface In Hampstead

Satanic Abuse

Hampstead is a wealthy area of London; if it is notorious for anything, it is for the antics of certain homosexuals on its heath. Recently however it has been in the news for something far more unedifying than admittedly sordid but consensual sexual encounters between strangers. Actually, it has been out of the news, because the authorities have been doing their best to hush up the allegations, something that is perceived inevitably by the self-styled truth crusaders of the alternative media as a cover-up or conspiracy. Which begs the question, what would be their reaction if they were suddenly accused of sexually abusing the young, and their names broadcast to the world? Where to begin?

Hampstead, London

Hampstead, London

Firstly, although this story is well-documented including names and – on one American website – e-mail addresses, actual addresses and phone numbers, it would not be politic to link to those details here. Nor would it be politic to name the two siblings who claimed to have witnessed not only child sexual abuse and Satanic abuse but the murders of babies. According to these young minds, all the schools in Hampstead are involved in this. The matter of fact even jocular tone in which they recited these allegations should have at the least aroused extreme skepticism, yet the aforementioned source claims – on what evidence precisely? – that:

“C*’s…parents bring babies from Portugal, Spain; M*’s parents bring babies from Gayana, China, India, America. Baby sacrifice, blood drinking, dancing with the Baby’s skulls happen in the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Main day is Wednesday, ritual performance is at 11 am in the secret church rooms.” [Quoted verbatim bar the anonymising of the two names].

If you think this is laughable, think again. The Operation Yewtree witch-hunt that was started after calumnies on the late Jimmy Savile mushroomed following a scandalous and inaccurate documentary on his life was broadcast in October 2012 has already led to the trashing of the reputations of a number of celebrities and probably to three if not five miscarriages of justice. One of those currently under investigation for alleged historical sex crimes is the popular music icon Cliff Richard. Attempts have been made recently to link his name to this nonsense, and not so recently to similar (imaginary) Satanic abuse.

Real Satanic abuse does exist, but such cases are extremely rare, and cannot exist on any scale. Two examples are the horrific crimes of Robert Gecht’s coven, and self-styled lesbian vampire Tracey Wigginton. Yet, there are those who believe Satanists control not simply the UK but the US Government, and much more besides.

Irresponsible, sensational and grossly inaccurate reporting by the alternative and at times by the mainstream media fuels this kind of nonsense, and destroys lives. In the United States, the comedian Bill Cosby has now been accused of sexual abuse by more than thirty women, claims that include drugging and raping them. The mainstream media continues to report these scurrilous allegations as facts although stressing that Cosby has never been charged with any crime, and cannot be due to the US having statutes of limitations. But the handful of people who have done some proper research and fact-checking have concluded that many of Cosby’s accusers have little or no credibility, including the delusional Joan Tarshis and the twice convicted prostitute Chelan Lasha.

The 1980s saw Satanic panics in the US – in particular the McMartin case – and here in the UK, including Rochdale, which has recently been at the centre of a genuine sexual abuse scandal, one involving a number of mostly taxi drivers.

There is substantial empirical evidence that both the claims of young children and historical allegations of sexual abuse or historical anything are at best unreliable and often dangerous to accept without strong corroboration – which does not include the fallacious concept of corroboration by volume. Yet in the UK the police have taken seriously claims of the existence of paedophile rings at the heart of the establishment which have murdered at least three boys, while in Australia a new witch-hunt is underway concerning alleged child sex crimes dating back decades. In the UK, police trawls of care homes and other institutions have led to some terrible miscarriages of justice. If this ludicrous resurfacing of the Satanic panic is allowed to go unchecked, we risk seeing the same thing happening all over again.

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