David Haye – Do They Ever Come Back?

David Haye

Do they ever come back? Well, David (Hayemaker) Haye made a good start on January 16 after a three and a half year layoff against Australia’s Mark de Mori. At a career heaviest 16 stone 3lbs, he came out punching and gave his opponent no chance to really do anything. The hapless Australian threw one or two punches which didn’t connect. Haye scored a knockdown with a combination, and De Mori never looked like getting up.

De Mori entered the ring with a record of some thirty wins – he is known as The Dominator. He left it looking dominated with a precautionary oxygen mask. He was ranked number ten in the world by one of the Alphabet Boys – Heaven knows why! There hasn’t been a decent Australian heavyweight since George Cook back in the 1920s, and de Mori did not end this hiatus. Haye entered the ring to the strains of Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, and he may well be right.

After the fight, Haye said he felt better than ever; Tyson Fury doesn’t want to fight him, and maybe Anthony Joshua would be a better match.

Maybe, but it might be wise to leave Joshua for a bit. It may happen though, the latest news from the trainers of both men is that this is the fight, and for those with long memories, this could be the biggest domestic dust up since Mark Kaylor and Errol Christie squared off in 1985!

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