Death Of A Snake Oil Salesman

colin fry

It is considered bad etiquette to speak ill of the dead, but the Reverend Colin Fry – Reverend indeed – who has just passed on at the age of 53, was nothing but a con man, one of those psychic vampires who prey on vulnerable and at times desperate people. And that in spite of his polished veneer and apparent common touch.

If you haven’t seen Fry in action, you haven’t missed anything. The majority of spirit mediums may be women, but there have been some noted male charlatans over the years, including William Mumler, indefatigable pioneer of spirit photography. It was Mumler’s contemporaries the Fox sisters to whom we owe the modern spiritualist movement; although they were exposed in 1851, and countless mediums have been exposed, debunked and even convicted since, there is no convincing the faithful, which includes Fry’s followers.

Fry is said to have received his first overt communication from the spirit world as a boy, around 1972. From there he went on to perform cold reading and the usual flim-flam that he and his ilk feed the gullible. Doubtless he made some correct predictions – we can all make those – but did he ever make any meaningful ones, not “a world famous musician will die prematurely next year” but “John Lennon will be murdered by a deranged fan three weeks before Christmas” ? Apparently not.

Ghosts are said to haunt old houses; Fry haunted television studios, and was a regular on such programmes as 6ixth Sense – which he hosted – and Psychic Private Eyes. In spite of this, he was known to be camera-shy when any mention was made of the infamous trumpet incident which saw him caught in the act. This led to him being denounced as a fraud even by other spiritualists. Alas, although this incident was never forgotten, it was either explained away or simply never mentioned.

Colin Fry also published a number of books; his Amazon page lists six in total, and four of them were said by the man himself to be bestsellers. He may now be dead, but his spirit will unfortunately live on, so don’t be too surprised if you hear his name in the future, uttered in the same hallowed tones as those normally reserved for genuinely talented and kindhearted people, like the recently deceased Cilla Black.


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