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Did You Know Einstein Could Have Been President? 11 History Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

We all know certain things about history, at least those that we were thought in school. But in fact, we have missed a lot of funny facts and details. We found some of them and listed them below. Hopefully you will learn something new or at least have a good laugh.

1. Clothes Made Out Of Flour Sacks Were Popular

During the Dust Bowl people were facing an ecological and agriculture crisis. Because they were tight on money they could not afford buying new clothes and so they had to make them by themselves from flour sacks. After suppliers found out about that, they started making more colorful sacks, so that the clothes will be more attractive.


2.  Einstein Could Have Been President

In 1952, Albert Einstein was invited by the Jerusalem Prime Minister to become the second president of Israel. Einstein was flattered by the invitation but he didn’t accept the position. He considered himself as a person with who lacks skills in dealing with people and exercising official functions.


3. Pink Was Once For Boys And Blue For Girls

In 1918, it was written in Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department that, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”


4. A Pope Wrote The Best Selling Erotic Book

The Tale of the Two Lovers was the most popular erotic book in 15. Century and it was written by Pope Pius II. He wrote his novel before he became a pope, and it was published after his death.


5. Art Was Once An Olympic Discipline

From 1912 to 1948 there were Olympic competitions in fine arts. The main disciplines were architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture. The art needed to be related to the Olympic games, and the best work was awarded with a medal. This was adopted from the ancient Greeks as they had an art festival alongside the games.


6. The General Who Became An Urban Legend By Providing Hookers

During the American Civil War General Joseph Hooker was providing prostitutes to his soldiers, to keep them satisfied. His practice got so well known that his surname, Hooker, became synonymous for prostitutes.


7. Stalin The Pioneer Of Photoshop

Even at the time when technology and the media were nowhere near as advanced as today, it seems that Joseph Stalin kept the nation very updated. After some people were liquidated, he simply took them “out of the picture”.


8. Alexander The Great Invented Spying A Technique That Is Still In Use

Alexander the Great had told all his soldiers to write home to their families and then intercepted the letters to spy on them and see who is with him and who is against him.


9. Fear Of Being Buried Alive

In the 19th Century, in the time of Cholera, there was a big fear of being buried alive. Because of that they invented “Safety Coffins”. Dr Johann Gottfried Taberger invented a system of ropes that were attached to the corpse’s hands, feet and head and were connected to an above-ground bell. In case that anybody would be buried alive, he or she could ring the bell. The only problem was that they didn’t consider that corpses swell up and in the process of decomposition the bells were ringing even though the corpse was actually dead.


10.  Hats And Umbrellas With Lightning Rods

In 18. Century Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg invented umbrellas and hats with a lightning conductor. This product was popular in Paris and it was one of the “must have” products. It made people believe that they were safe during bad weather. We don’t know when they found out that this was a bad idea.


11. US Flag

The image of current US flag was created by Robert Heft, who was at the time in high school. He did it for a school project and the teacher gave him a B-. After his flag was chosen to represent the nation his teacher changed the grade to an A.

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