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Explore The Amazon Rainforest from Your Home

Google Earth Amazon

The online service Google Street View, that is part of the Google Earth and Maps software, is a very useful and fascinating thing, because you can look and see half of our planet from the comfort of your home. Most of the shots taken for the Street View are provided by specially designed Google cars that are equipped with cameras capable of capturing the full 360 degrees.

However, since cars can’t access every corner of our impressive planet, Google uses special backpacks that weigh about 45 pounds. This time they went into the Amazon forest, which is still considered as one of the most diverse ecosystems on the blue planet.

Google zip line in Amazon

Google zip line in Amazon

The Amazonian forest is now visible within Street View program and the project is developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.

Field teams responsible for capturing images were invited in the lowlands of the Amazon to collect footage of rivers, forests and communities in the largest still existing Amazon tributary Rio Negro.

Now we can gain some insight on how local communities are trying to preserve this unique environment for the future generations to come.

Go and view the Amazon for youself by visting this link : Amazon Street View

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