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You have to wonder in horror at the mentality of some of the people, especially women, who are graduating from American universities nowadays, because in a couple of decades or less, they could be running the country. If their grasp of documented historical facts is so bad and their grip on reality so loose, what are they going to do to the people in their charge?

Katie Barnes

Katie Barnes (Twitter)

Take Katie Barnes of Clemson University, in December last year she published a thesis called She Just Wanted To Get With An Athlete…which covers the subject of sexual assault in the context of race, a potentially explosive combination. She begins with a dedication that proves one thing she didn’t learn in her gender studies class is an appreciation for what was once the finest legal system in the world, based as it is – or was before it was corrupted by political correctness – on the ideals of Sir William Blackstone.

“This thesis is dedicated to all victims of sexual assault. My hope is that one day, the default benefit of the doubt won’t be automatically given to the offender, but to the victim.”

Wait a minute, Katie. In the first place we need to prove that a crime was committed; if the prosecution fails in that endeavour, then there is no offender, right? And very likely no victim. It may even be that the alleged offender is himself a victim, which brings us to the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Last month saw the tenth anniversary of this thoroughly documented rape hoax. As this was played out under intense scrutiny by the media, and as she has at least some pretention to scholarship, Katie cannot be unaware of the facts of the case, namely that no rape was committed, and that the only person to serve time in connection with it was the district attorney who for his own odious reasons suppressed exculpatory evidence. Actually, it isn’t quite true that Mike Nifong was the only person to go to gaol, because years later, faux victim Crystal Mangum was sentenced to eighteen years in prison for the horrific knife murder of her lover Reginald Daye. So what does Katie write about the Duke lacrosse scandal? At page 11 she says:

“In 2006, it was reported that three Caucasian male lacrosse players from Duke University raped an African-American female at an off campus party…The university went on the offensive launching a large public relations campaign to soften the negative effects of the charges by specifically framing themselves as the victim of unfair and untrue media reports…The charges were also eventually dropped after the university did little to advocate against violence against women”.

Is this woman for real? Has she not heard of the Group of 88? The rush to judgment to pronounce these kids guilty? The public protests? She does not say why the charges were dropped, and what is that about advocating against violence against women? The point is there was no violence against any woman in this sad affair; the only violence – that was thankfully more potential than realised – was the lynch mob assembled against the falsely accused.

There is a lot more that could be criticised in this vacuous thesis; she covers for example the Jameis Winston case. This was discussed in a previous article about campus rape, or perhaps that should be campus non-rape. Best though not to mention the rubbish she spouts about rape myths. From imagined violence against women to real violence by women, enter Melissa Click. Well, actually exit Melissa Click.

Until recently, this fiery redhead was Assistant Professor of Mass Media in the University of Missouri, which sounds impressive, until you read her CV. It was not this vacuous twaddle that got her fired though, rather it was her gratuitous assault on a journalist who was simply exercising his rights under the First Amendment to do his job.

Here she is trying to rationalise if not justify her behaviour, note there is no actual apology. It did no good because last month the University’s Board of Curators rejected her appeal, not that she has any appeal except to a tiny minority of social justice warriors and other idiots.

Talking of idiots, Anita Sarkeesian’s academic endeavours – such as they are – are nowadays confined largely to the Internet. She uploaded her latest video to YouTube on March 31; this is about body language in video games, and the male gaze. Although she spouts feminist drivel in every video she produces, Anita has been exposed and debunked by numerous people who have seen her for the con woman she is, like her claim that she didn’t enjoy video games and her other claim that she adored them; her all too public damseling which brought the white knights to her rescue – a hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of it; and her equating any form of bona fide criticism with harassment, sexual or otherwise.

For all her talk of objectification and the male gaze though, Anita is fighting a losing battle with a man no women ever beats, Father Time. She may still be relatively young and stunningly attractive with those big…eyes, and the hoop earrings, but she is nearly thirty-five. Another ten years, fifteen at most, and she won’t be annoyed, insulted and offended by wolf whistles and catcalls, rather she’ll be envious that young, attractive women like she once was, receive them.

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