Funny Cat and Dog GIFs to get you through Friday

Funny Scared Cat
It’s the last Friday in April 2015, and the weekend is ahead. To get you through the day we have collected some funny and otherwise interesting cat and dog GIFs to put a smile on your face – enjoy:

1. “Hey who did this?”

“Who’s there?”

2. “I’m a zombie cat”

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3. “Hey, wait for me I’m coming!”

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4. “Leave me alone, kitty!”

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5. “Hey fish how are you doing today?”

Cat having a bath with it’s friend!


6. “Just shut your mouth!”

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7. “Hoping that chair doesn’t break.”

Life is hard

8. “Let me in, please!”

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9. “I’m going to see the world!”

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10. “Hey cat, smell this!”

I will sit here

11. “What! Where did he go?”

Where did he go?

12. “You recording? OK check this out!”

This cat don’t need gravity

13. “OMG that smells like death!”

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14. “You’re going to put a hand on me? Don’t you dare!”

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15. “Here, let me get that cup of your head!”

Dog helps cat with stuck cup.


Which GIF made you smile the most? Post in comments below.

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