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Gloria Allred Attacks The Statute Of Limitations


How would you like to be roused from your bed at 6am, and after your home had been ransacked by agents of state oppression, dragged off to a police station where you were asked to account for your movements, five, ten, twenty, perhaps thirty or more years ago? When asked what this was all about you were told only that an unnamed woman had recently made an unspecified allegation against you at an unspecified place at an unspecified time.

If you think that sounds too bizarre to be true, it has been happening to celebrities in the UK since 2012, and to ordinary people – including teachers and careworkers – for considerably longer. And no, not all the accusers have been female, and not all the accused have been male. But it gets worse, with many celebrity cases, names and some details are leaked to the media in order to encourage further “victims” to come forward. There is no shortage of individuals out there who want attention, publicity or compensation, many are simply demented, so if twenty or thirty or them come forward making broadly similar allegations, prosecutors can weed out the obvious nutters and present four or five to show a pattern of offending. This is akin to choosing 49 numbers and then claiming you picked the 6 that won this week’s lottery.

This dubious practice is known as “corroboration by volume”, and in the absence of expert evidence about the frailty of human memory, it has a tendency to bamboozle jurors. It is undoubtedly significant that none of the recent terrible miscarriages of justice in the UK has included any such expert evidence, so that when former A List entertainer Rolf Harris was accused of the indecent assault of a woman in 1969 or 1970 – a woman who was then a child – the jury convicted him even though there was absolutely no credible evidence that he had been at an obscure Portsmouth community centre at the time.

Most of the allegations against former publicist Max Clifford were equally ludicrous. Now here is the downside, if Gloria Allred has her way, the same tyranny will be visited on the people of Arizona and perhaps of the entire United States.

Since a joke by the comedian Hannibal Buress went viral back in October last year, more than thirty women have crawled out of the woodwork, out of the gutter, and in one or two cases out of the sewer, to accuse Bill Cosby of everything from unwanted amorous advances to multiple druggings and rapes.

The mass media and much of the alternative media has reported these allegations for the most part uncritically, having decades ago swallowed the feminist rape narrative that most victims don’t report being raped, and that what we are witnessing here is a wave of “empowered women” finally finding the courage to speak out against their powerful violator. This narrative is garbage, as is the testimony of these alleged victims. Obviously some rapes are not reported, but false allegations are far more common than is generally believed.

In recent months, no one has done more to promote that false narrative and these palpable lies than attorney Gloria Allred. When one learns a bit of her history, her motivation becomes clear. In 1966 she was raped at gunpoint while holidaying in Acapulco. For whatever reason, she elected not to report this rape; when she became pregnant, she procured an illegal abortion, one that nearly killed her.

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred
(image credits: Greg Hernandez)

It is one thing to advocate for genuine rape victims and (whatever one thinks of the practice) the right to legal abortion, it is another entirely to parade a freak show of demented women in front of the media accusing Cosby or anyone of grave allegations of sexual assault without a shred of evidence. And a freak show is precisely what this is. Last year when Miss Allred presented three so-called victims to the world at a press conference, how many media outlets bothered to follow up? How many reported that accuser Chelan Lasha is a twice convicted prostitute who has also been convicted of false reporting? Who apart from Jay Raskin – who is an academic rather than a journalist – pointed out that Beth Ferrier and Barbara Bowman came from the same Denver modelling agency, which punches a hole in the claim that none of these accusers knew each other previously? Likewise, their stories have changed significantly over time; Bowman sounds a credible witness but she has clearly not told the whole truth about her relationship with Cosby.

Other accusers are outright fruitcakes; both Louisa Moritz and Joan Tarshis claim Cosby forced them to fellate him. Moritz was dumb enough to give a specific date and location for her alleged assault. Cosby wasn’t there. And Tarshis is literally on another planet; in 2013 she talked candidly about her delusions including an instantaneous phantom pregnancy and about communicating telepathically with aliens.

As Raskin points out, the Cosby Demon Myth is where insanity meets stupidity, and if this rape hysteria nonsense is not stopped, it will result in untold miscarriages of justice. Does Allred believe all these victims? Obviously not, and neither do the police in the UK. The raid on the home of Cliff Richard was carried out with maximum publicity to encourage other accusers to come forward. The way the non-case against Paul Gambaccini was handled was arguably even more disgraceful.

Anyone accused of historical sex offences is in a lose-lose situation; to date no one has been prosecuted in the UK for making false allegations, even where they are blatant. Neither legislators nor the great American public should allow this madness to cross the Atlantic.

This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of TheLatestNews.com
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Alexander Baron

  • James Lenfers

    Totally awesome article Alexander Baron. Perfect narrative and salient points. For what my meager opinion is worth, I highly commend this article. And I am somewhat jealous of your skill at writing, and a fully functional website. I am still trudging along on mine to get it to a reasonable level of professional quality before I put it out there.

    There article is great though, and I learned a bit about writing in the process of reading it also.

  • Harryagain

    I am from the UK..
    I think there’s a lot of truth in this article.
    The “gold diggers” appear like magic when someone perceived as rich is accused.
    And the media encourages it.

  • Rhoda Strong

    Great article! Bill Cosby is innocent!

  • janenlee

    excellent article. Wish more people would consider what this means to themselves. So far, it’s out there and only rich and famous appear hit (not true but that is the perception). Don’t these people understand they truly could be next? You don’t even have to be rich or famous. You could be old and withered and someone you knew in Jr. High could have a moment and remember that awkward pass you made. That pass is now considered sexual assault or abuse and caused severe damage to the girl. Anyone, could be next. This is on a roll.

  • janenlee

    and what a disservice to real victims.

  • siscely beans

    Keep on talking Gloria!!!! You money grubbing attention whore!