Stop The Google Tax!

Google Tax

Everybody knows big business is bad, right? Multinational corporations trample all over us, ripping off the consumer, plundering the public purse, buying politicians, and making colossal profits at our expense. Everybody knows this. Well, not everybody, many people, usually those of a certain political persuasion, believe this is the case, but is it?

There are unscrupulous people in business as in all walks of life, but there are also ethical companies, unless you consider making a profit to be unethical per se.

A famous economist once said famously that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That was before Google reared its beautiful head. Google is a massive company, but unlike many smaller companies it looks after us little people. Look at all the things Google gives us for free: a search engine, a blog, a calendar, 15Gb of on-line storage for documents, an atlas, a road map, even a translator. And lots more.

In the UK, a first class stamp is now a staggering 63p, up from 44p in 2011 and 3p in 1971! If you have an Internet connection – and if haven’t, you won’t be reading this – you can send not simply first class letters but instantaneous letters all day long for free thanks to Google and other Internet giants.

Google is investing in all manner of projects to not only make a profit for its staff and shareholders but to improve the quality of your life, indeed to shape the future for us all. And for this, in May 2013, one politician, Margaret Hodge in the UK, claimed the company is evil. Yes, evil. Why? Because it doesn’t hand over more of its profits to the British Government for that same Government to give to the banking system where it will be cancelled out of existence. For real.

Now, the same nonsense is being peddled in Australia by people who should know better. Do Australian politicians and UK politicians really believe Google is ripping off their countries? If so, there is a simple answer, let Google shut down its UK and Australian operations, close the accounts of all its UK and Australian customers, remove all its on-line services – including YouTube!!! – then we’ll see how long it is before the public tells them they got it wrong big time.

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