Hillary Clinton In Her Own Words

We all say things we live to regret, and we all change our minds; that includes politicians. When we do change our minds, most of us can get away without admitting it, to other people at least, but for politicians, this can be a risky business in an age when their every public pronouncement is recorded. For politicians who hold or aspire to high office, the mere perception of dishonesty can be lethal, even allowing for the fact that many people don’t believe anything they say to start with.

Hillary Clinton has held high office, and she is currently aspiring to an even higher one. The big question though is, is her perception of dishonesty, hypocrisy and casuistry fatal? Few would concede it is worse by far than any of her rivals for the Presidency. Here is a short compilation of Hillary condemned out of her own mouth from last year. And here is a somewhat longer one from late last month. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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Alexander Baron