Jim Davidson – Beck Theatre, November 25

Jim Davidson

Davidson has rebounded well after the ludicrous but potentially career ending allegations brought against him by a gaggle of demented though anonymous females as detailed in his book No Further Action. At the Beck Theatre last week he was in fine form delivering his stand-up routine before a live audience. The wait was worthwhile for a long time fan who had never seen him perform before. Unfortunately this facet of his act cannot be performed on UK TV!

A master comedian, he walked on to a wave of applause, exchanged words with a heckler (obviously planted) and talked about his early career, including how he was turned down for Opportunity Knocks but won New Faces.

His current routine includes jokes about the unfunny Lenny Henry who’s “given so much money away he has to stay in Premier Inn”. His reference to taking Dawn French to Ethiopia was rubbing it in, but he doesn’t care how politically correct morons react to his jokes.

He was supported by John Maloney, a fat fortyish Londoner and ex-German teacher, who is good if you like rubbish jokes, such as “I’ve been married for twenty-one years and we’ve only had one argument…it’s lasted twenty-one years!” It was probably an ancient Greek philosopher who came up with that.


On December 9, Davidson will be at Namedroppers in London’s East End for a no-holds barred conversation, something that is clearly not for the faint-hearted.


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