Joe Lynn Turner — Back On The Street Of Dreams

Joe Lynn Turner

Although a big name in rock, Joe Lynn Turner is not as well known as he deserves to be; now 64 years old, he has just released Street Of Dreams – Boston 1985. For those of tender years, Street Of Dreams was classic a single released by Rainbow in 1983; a song Turner claims to have written in his sleep – with a little help from a wide awake Ritchie Blackmore – it was re-recorded 23 years later as a duet with the alluring Candice Night.

Turner was first and foremost a guitarist; as a boy, his father made him play accordion, something he says he hated. Although Turner Senior was also a singer – in the military – Turner had no desire to follow in his footsteps, rather he became a singer more or less by accident when the vocalist in one of his early bands became ill, and he stepped up. It was only when he was recruited by Ritchie that he put down his guitar, for a while. Blackmore said he liked his playing; he writes on both the guitar and on keyboards. After Rainbow split, Turner released Rescue You, tracks from which feature on this recording. So how does Street Of Dreams – Boston 1985 shape up? Not bad.

It opens with the barnstorming I Found Love and continues with Losing You, a song he says was written about a girl who walked out on him. This song will probably be familiar to anyone who was into rock at that time, even non-Turner fans. The recording of Street Of Dreams isn’t that bad, but purists may prefer the studio version, especially the duet with Candice. It is followed by the uptempo Feel The Fire. An untitled guitar solo segues into Good Girls Gone Bad – he must have met a few of those in his time.

This thirteen track album ends with Them Changes, not a bad introduction for those rock fans unlucky enough to be too young to remember the 1980s.

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