Len Blavatnik Is Britain’s Richest Man

Len Blavatnik

Len Blavatnik, the owner of Warner Music, has been named as the richest man in the U.K. The music mogul has a fortune worth around £13.17 billion, according to the newspaper Sunday Times. The newspaper compiles an annual list of the most the wealthiest people who reside in the UK (that is have the country listed as their permanent place of residence; importantly the list is not just a compilation of those born in the U.K. or who hold British citizenship.) Blavatnik is a Ukrainian and he has sizable investments in metals and oil, music publishing and digital media.

Bubbling below Blavatnik are the brother Sri and Gopi Hinduja, who topped the list last year. They are now worth £13 billion.

The fastest mover on the list is George Weston, who runs the retail outfit Primark. Primark is known for selling very cheap clothes.

Others have taken a tumble. Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal’s saw his fortune fall by £1.05 billion to £9.2 billion; whereas Chelsea Football Club chairman Roman Abramovich’s total fell by £1.23 billion to £7.29 billion.

The list is also divided into sections, so if sports are your thing then Lewis Hamilton remains the richest sportsman in Britain with a fortune of £88 million. In the world of music, Paul McCartney remains the top earner with some £730 million at his disposal.

Such lists sometimes spark discussions of envy; however, the figures are so mind-bogglingly large that they are almost beyond comprehension. For those concerned with low pay and the earnings gap should consider initiatives like basic income (as put forward by Alexander Baron on this news site.)

As for Queen Elizabeth II, she no longer appears in the top 300, yet alone the top 100, according to the BBC.

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