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Lisa Longstaff Can’t Stop Lying About Rape

Lisa Longstaff

Two years ago, Alexander Economou was accused of rape by a woman with whom he’d had a consensual relationship. When he turned the tables on her and brought a private prosecution which was taken up by the CPS, she committed suicide. This was of course tragic, but Eleanor de Freitas was the mistress of her own misfortune. At the time it was claimed she was a vulnerable woman – a term that can mean almost anything; that she was mentally ill – mania is a state of mind, not an illness of mind…anything to excuse her behaviour which could have tainted the life of an innocent man.

After her death, Mr Economou expressed his sympathy for her family; again, this was a tragic and unnecessary death, but it was a death for which only one person should be held responsible.

Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas

Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas

Having spent an estimated £220,000 to clear his name, Mr Economou might rightly feel a little chagrined to learn that he is still being branded a rapist. On Friday, May 22, the Victoria Derbyshire programme on the BBC carried a report about a genuine rape, that of a teenager who was accused of filing a false report and threatened with prosecution. Eventually justice prevailed, and her rapist was convicted at Winchester Crown Court. The shocking thing about this case is that there was physical evidence of the assault, and this was not tested by the police.

In the studio with Miss Derbyshire was Lisa Longstaff of Women Against Rape who spoke about this case; she also raised the case of Eleanor de Freitas stating point blank that “her rapist” was bringing a private prosecution against her when she killed herself. This was no slip of the tongue – she repeated it – but a gratuitous slur.

Victoria Derbyshire (BBC)

Victoria Derbyshire (BBC)

Women Against Rape presents itself as a champion of victims against a wicked criminal justice system that we are supposed to believe is in cahoots with rapists or even with organised paedophile gangs, and would like nothing better than to shut victims up. The reality is very different. Yes, the conviction rate for rape may be “only” 6%, which means the CPS is bringing far too many weak cases.

Part of the Women Against Rape narrative is that women who bring false allegations should not be prosecuted because their prosecution discourages genuine victims from coming forward. What is the reality?

Falsely accusing someone of rape or of any serious criminal offence is a serious criminal offence in itself, and in the absence of special circumstances should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Clearly the de Freitas case was not one of those special circumstances. Longstaff and her outfit have a long history of lying about false rape cases, most notoriously they supported Rhiannon Brooker, whose false allegations against Paul Fensome beggar belief.

That being said, there is some common ground between the de Freitas case and the current one: poor investigation. If the police had carried out a proper investigation of the allegation against Mr Economou, they would have realised de Freitas was lying, no charges would have been filed against him, she would probably have been prosecuted for a lesser offence, and if the case had not received substantial publicity, he would have let sleeping dogs lie.

In the current case, the victim told the police there was forensic evidence on her clothing – semen – which incredibly they ignored. In both cases they made snap judgments, and in both cases they were wrong. They assumed Mr Economou was a plausible predator in a business suit, and equally assumed because the teenage victim in the other case had suffered from mental health issues – as do many of us in this increasingly mad world – that she had little or no credibility. Physical evidence should always trump first impressions and reputations unless there are good reasons for suspecting its provenance.

Hopefully a valuable lesson will be learned from this case; hopefully too Miss Longstaff will issue a public apology to Mr Economou, lest she too feel his wrath in the form of a libel writ.

[See follow up article From False Rape To False Harassment which documents the lies of Eleanor de Freitas].

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Alexander Baron

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Surely Longstaff the liar is laying herself open to legal action?

    • alexander

      yes – I think Longstaff and others are opening themselves up for a private prosecution in time. In the way that society views and fashions change (for example the witch hunt against older men like gambaccini), the tide will change. At least one group of activists is now considering who will be their target for a private prosecution, to expose this defamatory behaviour. Those who spread damaging slanders for political motives are responsible for a great deal of suffering – well done to the writer of this article for drawing attention to this example.

  • Paul

    They regularly come out with 2-8% of accusations are false. What that means is that 2-8% were provably false, i.e. accuser recanted, evidence proved accused was elsewhere, DNA didn’t match.

    It looks as though only 6% are provably true. So, the remaining 86+% are unknown. Assuming that they are all true is as ridiculous as assuming they are all false. They are simply not provable. Instead they exist on a spectrum from probably false, through genuine ambiguous cases to probably true.

    • Well said.

    • Anders

      Actually there are many false convictions as well. Most exonerations concern sexual assault, particularly with child victims. The pressure to convict is enormous. The incentives are misaligned: a judge who fails to convict a rapist risks being held responsible for further assaults by ideologues and the media looking for a story that pushes our emotional buttoms. Convict someone in a he said she said case with no ohysical evidence, and you are taking a brave stance in support of victims.

      • Paul

        And yet a victim that doesn’t report the crime to the police isn’t held responsible for further attacks by that rapist.

        • Anders

          That would be going to far. If you go through such a trauma, you cannot be made to relive it in detail – required even by the most benevolent system that also wants to retain a semblance of due process. One of the few feminist claims I think have some validity is the one that the vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported.

          All we can do it make sure victims have someone whose job it is to support them to guide them through the painful process. And raise awareness. But holding them responsible – that would indeed be victim blaming.

    • disqus_QL05BqU79X

      The 2-8% feminist “statistic” seems to be borne of an attrition rate at a certain point in police/court proceedings. This still does not cover even a small portion of the ugly truth. To be frank, women have been lying about rape since humans could talk because it’s always been considered THE most serious crime (over and above murder and treason), piques human horror (in men more than women, perhaps) and is the swiftest weapon to bear against a man, or absolve one’s guilt over something. The easier it is to claim rape and be believed, the higher the rate of false claims. States that pay women to lie (India) see incredibly high rates, those with agonistic justice systems (China) see almost nothing. The UK is somewhere just under India, I suspect.

      • Anders

        Deducing from the unfortunate prevalence of false rape accusations that “women lie about rape” is one of the reasons why MRA and similar movements so easily garner slander for misogyny.

        It is far from factually true. Divide the number of false accusations, even by the upper range of estimates of around 50%, with the number of sexually active women, and you will have a fraction of a percentage point. The truth is: very few women abuse the system set up to protect them (much less then men commit rape, which is arguably a comparable abuse of men’s biological advantage). But some do, and that is a problem. The opportunity makes the thief.

        • disqus_QL05BqU79X

          You’ve no idea what you’re talking about, I’m afraid. That junk science is the very enemy of understanding. Women actually rape men more than men rape women. Plenty of evidence of that and more always coming.

          Opportunity making the thief is such a comical phrase in this instance. You’ve just pointed out why women can lie about rape and GET AWAY WITH IT.

          • Anders

            Actually, I agree and am a bit baffled that you assume I would not. Of course, using an expanded Definition of rape, women will rape men more than the opposite. Not because they are evil, but for the simple reason that women have never been taught to ask for consent. It is not part of the ritual.
            If such a broad Definition of rape is warranted, or if female-perpetrated rape is as much an issue as male-perpetrated – I do not know. But it Warrants an honest discussion at the very least. I would be happy to give space to a well-reasoned Argument that male-perpetrated rape is the larger issue, but it will be impossible to Dispute the Claim that male victims of rape have been seriously neglected.

          • disqus_QL05BqU79X

            Then I apologise for what seemed to be an assumption. Few people are prepared to accept that rape is so often lied about by women. It’s hardly misogyny to point out an uncomfortable truth, of course, but disagreeing on anything with women as a subject gets you called that these days. I personally consider respect for women to include their agency for vice as well as virtue – same as men.

            Male-on-male rape in prisons, war zones, the military, boarding schools and other institutions where males are bound or enclosed is indeed a big issue – and would seem to constitute around 80%, maybe more, of all rape in our society – but men raping women is far more rare than people are taught to believe. The continuing decline in male-on-female sexual assaults is nothing to do with sex crime “laws” (they don’t have much effect at all, really, and are written only to process bodies through the corporate legal system) but technology and more ready access to porn as a displacement. Porn up, rape down, as it’s been said.

            Anyway, interesting stuff. Just not a topic many people are open to discuss.

          • Anders

            Again, allow me to disagree mildly. Rape is not “often” lied about by women. Even if 50% of rape accusations are false or wrongful (recognising that there are many shades of gray), that adds up to 50.000 false accusations per year in the US, out of a population of well over 150 million women, or 100 million sexually active women.

            In no way does that justify the claim that women cry rape. In fact, the overwhelming majority would not dream of such a despicable, callous act.

            I think it is important to recognise this fact. Estimating false accusations as a percentage of accusations is misleading at best, and a flimsy justification for misogyny at worst. And it is not likely to lead us anywhere.

        • Funcuz

          No, you’re making assumptions that are based on rhetoric.

          Very few women abuse the system…but how does anybody know that ? Women do it all the time via restraining orders, accusations of domestic violence to gain an upper hand in divorce and custody proceedings, groundless sexual harassment claims, etc. So why would it seem reasonable to assume that women don’t abuse the system where sexual assault is concerned ? Of course they do and they do it just as often as they do with any other class of crime. The error here is assuming that only a tiny fraction of women filing claims of rape are lying. Nobody knows how many because most claims don’t make it to a court of law in the first place. Often enough it’s because the story unravels pretty quickly. Other times it’s because those same women weren’t actually raped but were later convinced that they somehow were. This latter scenario is most often heard about on college campuses where feminists have free reign to indoctrinate at their leisure.

          In any case, making any claims about the incidence rate is just as inaccurate as any claim about the number of rapes that go unreported. Both claims are based on nothing more than speculation and anybody who reads the “research” will immediately notice that there are actually very few confirmed facts. Only 1 in 10 are reported ? How do we know ? Because some people assume it must be true as it “feels” right to them. Only %2 of claims of rape are demonstrably false ? According to a line in a book where the author literally just pulled the figure out of her ass. Completely baseless but it’ll be milked until too many people call it out for being the B.S. that it is.

          • Anders

            Actually I specifically did NOT assume that only a tiny fraction of rape Claims are lies. All I said was that even if we assume that 50% are (which, sadly enough, is not unreasonable), that still adds up to only a tiny percentage of WOMEN crying rape. I think it is important to make it clear that we are not letting These sad Facts justify misogynistic generalisations.
            I find it perfectly reasonable that a high rate of false rape accusations coexist with low rates of reporting. As a male assaulted by another male in a dating Situation that I blamed myself for (but should not, if I were a woman at least), I cannot stress enough how going to the Police was the absolutely last Thing on my mind. Sure, a female victim will be better received than a male one, but even if I could Count on a benevolent reception, the mere thought of going through the excruciating rehashing of Events I just wanted to Forget was Anathema to me.
            So I buy the MRA estimates of false reports. But I also buy much of the Feminist narrative on unreported rapes. And I find it sad how we fail to notice that we are not talking about women or men, but a small Group of probably disturbed and ruthless individuals who inflict great harm on others (both rapists and false accusers). Deducing that women cry rape is not only factually false, but undermines our credibility when we, justifiably so, criticise rampant misandry behind things like all men are rapists.
            I also fully understand your Point about indoctrination. Going to college in the 90s, I remember how, even back then, it was somehow fashionable to Claim to be a rape victim, and when I, with rigtheous Indignation, pushed my friends to go to the Police, I now, in retrospect, realise that the reason they did not want to was because they themselves recognised it was an ideologically-inflamed reinterpretation at best. I can understand how normal, decent women, upset because the guy from last night did not call back like he used to after their drunken Encounter, think back to his persistent come-ons and his promises and feel, well, cheated. The Logical step to a radically expanded Definition of rape is not a large one from there. And voila, you have a rape. And maybe even an accusation.

          • disqus_QL05BqU79X

            You seem like a genuine and intelligent man, but do remember that not a single women in UK or US legal history has ever been the victim of a false accusation of rape. This is NOT misogyny (such a thing barely exists and I defy anyone who can demonstrate a broad hatred of women) but a reminder that failing to teach half of human children about two-way consent and respect simply creates generation after generation of liars who can assault with impunity and blame a man.

            Nobody in the MRM hates women. We hate the state and the sociopaths it employs to maintain violent control over the public, through subjugation and violence against males. None of these hateful nutters are more dangerous than feminists, regardless of the sex of the feminist.

          • Alexander Baron

            Check out the case of Marie Black, which I have written about here.

          • disqus_QL05BqU79X


          • On this site – Paedophile Rings – Real And Imaginary.

          • Alexander Baron

            Who says there is a problem with under-reporting?

        • Arminds’ copy of Swank

          Feminism does the same. They preach teach men not to rape, “Men” as in generalising all men when in truth only a small portion of men who rape

          • Anders

            I agree that feminism is guilty of quite a bit of harmful generalisations. At least the visible parts; not the broad swathes of feminist-sympathisers that naively think that the movement is for equality, pure and simple.

            But justifying using false rape accusations to conclude that women cry rape is making exactly the same mistake that we accuse feminism of. I think we should try to avoid them. Not only to be consistent, but to get more traction from our message by not making ourselves vulnerable to sweeping accusations of misogyny or trivialising sexual assault. It is by painting a narrative, peppered with out-of-context quotes from frustrated MRAs, of pervasive victim blaming that many feminists can get away with their ministrations and despicable, anti-democratic views.

            After all, the problem of false accusations and underreporting are intimately connected. It is a careful balancing act to combat both at the same time while avoiding miscarriage of justice. Reducing the debate to focus on only one issue will exacerbate that tendency, with the pendulum swinging back and forth and many people, falsely accused as well as sexual assault victims, suffering in the process.

          • disqus_QL05BqU79X

            A nicely-put plea, but rather naive. Underreporting of rape (and sexual assault in general) is an almost entirely male phenomenon. You’re nowhere near halfway understanding this problem, or even what the word misogyny means, it seems. To state that women are at least as capable as men of lying is not misogyny. To state they lie more than men, because they’ve been taught to and allowed to since childhood, is not misogyny. These are just facts.

            “Most women” do not cry rape, no, but almost all cries of rape today are false and it’s always been the most falsely claimed crime; it’s the ultimate weapon that a woman can swing. You’ve too little experience of women if you cannot conceive of how often this happens.

            The quickest path to grasping this, really, is the money that can be made in so many claims. Germany recently pulled its “we believe you, here’s a cheque” policy for rape claimants. Rape claims dropped by over 80% instantly.

  • Ohone

    Mistake in the article, the conviction rate for rape is as a good as it is for other violent crimes, we only think its lower because of false, feminist claims to do with rape.


  • NWOslave

    “Yes, the conviction rate for rape may be “only” 6%, which means the CPS is bringing far too many weak cases.”
    Why the apparent angst that only 6% of these cases end in conviction? Isn’t that good news? If a 100 cases are brought to trial and 6 are convicted, that means there would be only 6 rapes instead of 100, which seems much better than 100.

    • Anders

      The vast majority of cases have no physical evidence whatsoever. It is he said she said. It is fully possible to convict in such a situation, but it is not easy. Assuming that we then only have 6 real rapes is silly. We simply do not know. And sometimes, not very much but still too often, we also convict innocent men.

  • Anders

    I think the 6% figure denotes convictions as a percentage of REPORTS, not prosecutions. A 6% conviction rate for prosecutions would indeed be indicative that something is amiss in the process – typically it is over 50%.

  • Michael Steane

    He has a very good case for suing her, and she deserves to be hit with large damages for deliberately persecuting an innocent man.

  • JWHacket

    Lisa Longstaff, what a great name for a transgender porn star.

    • Believe it or not, she has a colleague called Nicola Mann.

  • Arminds’ copy of Swank

    The police have openly admitted to charging people with crimes and sending them to court when they knew they were innocent. They can’t afford not to as their under scrutiny and not charging an innocent person means they’ll be lambasted by feminists as pro-rape. So accused men where there’s no case have to go through the fuss because the eyes of the world look at him as guilty until proven innocent