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Liver Cancer Treated With Special Radiopaque Bead. Doctors Call It A Game Changer!


The Mount Sinai Hospital in the U.S. became the first medical facility to offer a new treatment for liver cancer. The medical treatment, which is minimally invasive, uses chemotherapy-filled beads. These beads are injected into cancerous tumors via the wrist of the patient and they target liver cancer.  Liver cancer is a very difficult to treat cancer, and is in many cases inoperable.

The luminescent balls are packed with the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin. The balls have the trade name “M1 LUMI™ Bead”. The balls are designed to block the blood flow to a tumor, with the aim of forcing the tumor to shrink over time.

cancer liver

Human liver autopsy showing multiple large pale tumor deposits.

One remarkable thing about the beads is that they can be tracked in ‘real time’, allowing medics to know precisely where the beads are in the body. The beads were introduced following a clinical trial.

More details can be seen in the video below:

In a statement, provided to The Latest News, Dr. Edward Kim, who is the Director of Interventional Oncology at the hospital, proclaimed:

“This is a game-changing tool.”

He goes on to add:

“In the past, we had no way to verify where the beads were placed in the blood vessels or whether they remained in the intended location over time. Now we can see the location, and adjust if a portion of the tumor has been missed while the patient is on the table without repeating the procedure. This is what we call precision targeting of tumors.”

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