London LETSlink Reorganises

Trading Goods for Goods

If you haven’t heard of LETS, (or perhaps more properly L.E.T.S.) the acronym stands for Local Enterprise Trading Scheme/System. It is a method of trading without money in these hard times. LETS has been around for over thirty years, and is a form of barter with people exchanging goods and services locally.

The London LETS organisation has been moribund for some time, but its Co-ordinator Mary Fee is now contacting members to reorganise and reinvigorate the system. LETS is far from the only movement attempting to develop alternatives to the current debt-based financial system – which clearly isn’t working. Others include Community Exchange System, U-Exchange, and the new kid on the block, Bitcoin.

LETS organisations exist all over the globe; if you are currently unemployed, between jobs or have time on your hands for whatever reason, you might like to Google your local group and see what is happening.

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  • Tim Sandle

    Interesting economic initiative.