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Lord Janner Is Found Fit To Stand Trial

Lord Greville Janner

Greville Janner, who served as a Labour MP for 27 years before being elevated to the peerage, died shortly before Christmas at the age of 87. At the time of his death he was facing a plethora of historical child sexual abuse allegations. These were nothing new, the first such allegation was made against him a quarter of a century ago when child care worker Frank Beck raised it in legal proceedings. Some background to that case can be found here, but basically this related to one individual, a boy with whom Janner had definitely had contact.

As other men in the public eye, especially celebrities, have discovered to their cost, once one allegation is publicised, others are almost certain to follow. The authorities don’t generally keep tabs on clearly false allegations, but it is well to remember that high profile murder cases often attract false confessions; to take an extreme example, around 200 people confessed to the notorious Lindbergh baby murder of 1932. We know from the Operation Yewtree witch-hunt that the police did not thoroughly investigate most of the allegations made against celebrities, and in the case of comedian Jim Davidson they even colluded with one of his false accusers.

Lord Greville Janner

Lord Greville Janner

In the Janner case, there was a big complication in that he was suffering from dementia and was deemed unfit to stand trial. This did not rule out a trial of fact, something that was predicted here in April! Although he is now dead, it seems likely this trial of fact will still go ahead. Why? Money! In particular grasping “survivors” and ambulance-chasing lawyers. One of his alleged victims claimed Janner was no better than Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter. It remains to be seen if he himself is any better than fantasist Richard Kerr or celebrity liar Janice Dickinson.

What actual contact did Janner have with the young? Well, as pointed out above, he did have some sort of relationship with one boy. Whatever the nature of that relationship, his contact with another boy was not only totally innocent but praiseworthy, this was Jimmy Martin, who was born severely disabled. He campaigned tirelessly on Martin’s behalf, raising his case in Parliament, and even managed to change the law for the severely disabled.

Now that Janner is dead, no one should be surprised if all manner of other “survivors” come forward to tarnish his reputation further and get their hands on some of his money. Indeed, this process has already started. Whatever the trial of fact determines, it is to be hoped that Janner’s family will do what the police did not do in their celebrity witch-hunt, namely launch a proper investigation into the sundry claims. Janner was a busy man with a full diary, so it is unlikely he had much time to nip into the local children’s home to bugger an underage boy or two. Any claims against his estate that are shown to be categorically false should be referred to the legal authorities who should prosecute them to the full extent of the law, both the false claimants and the ambulance-chasing lawyers who are complicity in such fraud.

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    Lord Janner is a White Male. He must be castigated, vilified and his memory desecrated to satisfy the allies howling for his head: feminists and other liberals and the Government which sees an ally in those who beat down strong men in society.