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In June 2008, Jodi Arias murdered her on-off lover Travis Alexander in a cold, calculated, premeditated act. After staging a burglary at the home of her grandmother the previous week during which a handgun went missing, Arias drove over nine hundred miles to Alexander’s home in Mesa, Arizona, bluffed her way in, lured him into the shower, stabbed him to death, nearly hacked off his head, and shot him in the skull for good measure.

Her trial and two sentencing hearings were played out in front of the US and world media in sickening detail as she lied, lied, and lied again. If Arias told you it was raining, you’d look out the window. After the second sentencing hearing was deadlocked, the law decreed she could no longer be sentenced to death, so it was down to Judge Sherry Stephens to decide her fate: life without parole or life with parole (perhaps) after 25 years.

Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias

In what was the most eagerly awaited sentencing for years, Arias was sentenced on Monday, April 13, 2015 to life without parole.

The sentencing hearing was broadcast live on the Internet by NBC News, with the judge taking some time out after the final submission by prosecutor Juan Martinez; this was to read letters submitted by the defendant. As was to be expected, Mr Martinez asked for Arias to be sentenced to life without parole. When she returned, the judge heard a submission from Sandra Arias, the mother of the perpetrator, although you would have thought she was the mother of the victim as she launched into a tirade against Travis Alexander, whom she said had been in an abusive relationship with her daughter, Travis being the abuser. Sandra Arias was the only member of the family present in court, and trash talking the victim like that made her one too many.

Then Jodi Arias herself spoke. Then it was time for her lawyer to speak, arguing that her client was not such a bad person in comparison with some of the terrible cases that had come before her. She said too her client was mentally ill. Ill or evil?

Finally, after literally months of testimony and lie after lie, one contradicting the other, the judge said simply that the court had considered all the facts, and that Arias would be sentenced to life without parole.

Now it is time for her to be removed from the media spotlight for ever, and for Jodi Ann Arias to rot in darkness.

Linda Anita Carty convicted murderess

Linda Anita Carty convicted murderess

If a woman ever deserved to die for one murder, it was Jodi Arias; the same can be said for Linda Carty, and unlike Arias that may eventually happen to her, in spite of the recent claims of her delusional and indeed outright dishonest supporters, including prince of liars Clive Stafford Smith.

In February, it was reported that Carty had been granted a new evidentiary hearing in what was and remains an open and shut case. In May 2001, Carty recruited a gang of miscreants to kidnap Joana Rodriguez and her new baby. She duped these men into the act by promising them a large haul of money and drugs which she told them they would find on the premises. Miss Rodriguez lived with two men, including the father of her son, and her co-conspirators were angry when they realised they had been tricked.

Carty’s original plan was truly insane, at that time, the victim was still pregnant, and Carty had intended to physically cut the baby out of her in order to pass it off as her own. By the time the plan came to fruition however, the baby had been born. After the kidnapping, Carty was left alone with Miss Rodriguez, and when one of them returned, he found her smothering the victim with a plastic bag.

Arrests soon followed, although one of the kidnappers escaped, and it was clear to the police from the beginning that without Carty there would have been no home invasion, no kidnapping and no murder. Because of this, her co-defendants were offered plea bargains. When misused, a plea deal can be tantamount to blackmail, as when Brian Banks was told by his lawyer to plead no contest to rape or risk throwing his life away.

At times though a plea deal can be the best indeed the most moral option, in this case it gave those accused the opportunity to express remorse for the terrible crime that resulted from their greed, it saved the state the time and expense of trying them, and it bolstered an already strong case against the actual killer.

After she was convicted and sentenced to death, Carty looked around for a way out of her predicament or at least to delay her execution; she found it, or it found her, the it in question being the London-based Reprieve organisation. Ostensibly, Reprieve is a charity that fights for the rights of the ordinary citizen, specifically it opposes the illegal war on terror, torture, detention without trial, and so on. Like most such organisations it is opposed unconditionally to the death penalty, even for the worst of the worst. This is an ideological position that most people can accept even if they disagree with it, but opposing capital punishment is one thing, lying gratuitously in order to save the life of a murderer or to delay his execution is another thing entirely. And when those lies include wanton attacks on defense attorneys, they cross the line.

Reprieve and specifically its founder Clive Stafford Smith have done this repeatedly, as in the case of Krishna Maharaj who was granted a new evidentiary hearing recently, by peddling the same kind of conspiracy garbage. It got nowhere, and neither will this latest effort on behalf of Carty, in spite of the new evidence that is being proferred. So what is this new evidence?

According to Reprieve and Carty’s new lawyer, Christopher Robinson has recanted his trial testimony because the District Attorney “threatened me and intimidated me”. Another individual has made a similar claim. It was Robinson who was first on the murder scene, and he appears to have attempted to save the life of the victim, albeit too late. So why has he now recanted? Probably because he is dissatisfied with his own treatment, but he is playing a dangerous game; either he was lying then or is lying now. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Court of Appeals will rule his original testimony was safe; evidence given under oath cannot be recanted at the drop of a hat.

Christopher Robinson

Christopher Robinson

Stafford Smith and Reprieve are continuing to peddle all the lies they did before on Carty’s behalf; the simple fact is there is no new evidence of her innocence, nor is she on death row because her lawyer was incompetent. For those interested in the truth, the findings of fact in the case of the People v Linda Anita Carty can be found here, but the bottom line is that Carty’s claim to British citizenship is purely technical, and the authorities did not act unethically by failing to inform her of her right to consular assistance because she lied, claiming to be an American citizen. In any case, the British Government was hardly likely to have sent a gunboat to Texas to demand her release.

Carty’s lawyer was not incompetent, in fact she had not one but two lawyers who were given the hopeless task of defending a woman against whom there was a colossal amount of evidence, including forensic evidence. Their best hope of partial success was to argue that she was insane, and to this end Carty was assessed psychiatrically on two occasions. She was found fit to stand trial.

Stafford Smith’s calumnies on defense attorney Jerry Guerinot have been parroted uncritically in the media, including by the New York Times, whose Supreme Court correspondent should have known better. Appellate courts are a different matter though, they demand actual evidence, not scurrilous allegations.

Carty’s hopes of a retrial are somewhere between zero and minus one; the best possible outcome is that she can delay her execution somewhat, but any such delays are likely to be contingent on other matters. There are quite a few convicted killers scheduled to die before her, including Derrick Charles who murdered three people in 2002.


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