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Philosopher turned singer-songwriter Dave Nachmanoff is a busy guy these days. Before Christmas he played a benefit for the Yolo County Food Bank in his adopted town of Davis, California. Less than three months from now he will be in the UK kicking off with a private event in Cumbria – for which hopefully he will not have to charter a boat – from England he will move to Scotland, finishing off with three dates in Germany.

Had he been born in 1954 instead of 1964 he might have lived like a king as did many rock musicians and singer-songwriters of that era. As things stand, he has been reduced to making music on a shoestring, but in his case, inexpensive does not mean cheap. He has a new album out in May; among the contributors to Spinoza’s Dream will be Al Stewart – wow, that was a surprise.

If you haven’t heard or even heard of Nachmanoff, start by checking out The Loyalist which he co-wrote with the founder of historical folk-rock at the turn of the new Millennium; most of the time Dave plays acoustic guitar, but this sees him in electric mood.


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