Not All Black Lives Matter

While the Black Lives Matter crowd have not gone away, there are some black lives they don’t mention, and with good reason. One such lowlife is double killer Shawn Ford. Although he was convicted and sentenced to death last year, he was back in the news recently when his case was featured in a 2 part BBC documentary.

Jeffrey Shobert was a prominent Ohio lawyer; when he and his wife Margaret decided to adopt two daughters, out of political correctness or whatever they chose a black girl for their second one. Chelsea Shobert took up with Ford, and whatever they thought of someone from a lower socio-economic class than themselves, the Shoberts made him welcome.

Ford’s love affair with Chelsea Shobert did not last long, not only did he viciously attack her, stabbing her and fracturing her skull, but he compounded this crime by allowing another man to take the blame.

The following week he broke into the Shobert family home and lay in wait. First to die was Jeffrey Shobert, then shortly his wife. The couple were bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer; the details of the murders are harrowing. There was really no defense case; Ford is said to have a low IQ, and an insanity plea was his only hope, but fortunately the jury did not buy it, nor did they consider life without parole to be sufficient for such calculated wickedness.

Meanwhile, the trial of the man alleged to be the serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper has finally got under way. While he is of course entitled to the presumption of innocence, the case against Lonnie Franklin looks compelling. Although he has been charged with murdering only (only!) ten women, he is believed to have killed many more. The court has already heard from Enitrea Washington, believed to be if not the only survivor then the luckiest because she was shot and seriously wounded by her attacker in November 1988.

The trial is likely to last some considerable time; if he is convicted, the State will be asking for the death penalty. Should that happen, don’t expect to see black women espousing the usual facile arguments about the death penalty being applied disproportionately to blacks.

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