Our Queen At 90

Queen Elizabeth

The British Royal Family and the Queen in particular have long been easy targets for those of particular political persuasion. ’Er indoors is portrayed as a wealthy parasite battening off the toiling and exploited masses. As might be expected, this hour and a half documentary paints an alternative and far more objective portrait.

Elizabeth The Great is now the longest serving monarch ever in these islands, while only forty-three men and one woman have reigned longer in the history of the world. She and her Consort – a sprightly 94 – are also the longest married royal couple, having tied the knot in 1947, the first royal marriage ever to be filmed.

Elizabeth came to the throne at the age of 25, over 64 years ago, and at the age of 90 (on April 21) is still going like an express train, although her doctors will no longer allow her to travel long distances, but as she has visited well over a hundred different countries on over two hundred and sixty official visits, she will probably not be the slightest bit concerned.

Although she has been a pensioner for a third of her life, the Queen has only two full days off a year: Christmas Day and one of her two birthdays. Every other day she deals with correspondence as the head of the UK, the Commonwealth, and many other organisations.

Our Queen At 90 gives an insight into her working and personal life with contributions from her close family, friends, staff…and David Beckham!

It includes too archive footage, some never seen before; her first ever radio broadcast, from 1940 as a young Princess Elizabeth, and much more. In 2006, a film called The Queen At 80 was released. Expect to see The Queen At 100 in 2026, and expect both her and Prince Philip to take part.


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