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Overview Of Hair Loss In Men And Women

Hair loss

The topic of hair loss is usually one that centers around men that are the victims of their genetics and male pattern baldness. It is a condition that typically cannot be reversed, but it can be prevented to some degree by using different treatments and taking certain supplements. This condition can also affect women, but it will primarily happen for different reasons, and it is more rare in females than males. Here is an overview of how this works in both men and women, showing you how hair loss can affect both of them.


What Causes Hair Loss?

When testosterone is made by the body, after a certain age, androgenetic alopecia will start to occur. This can happen to all for men and women, and it happens in the same way, the conversion of testosterone into something called DHT. The body naturally starts to produce more of  enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase, something that is actually found in the oil glands of your hair follicles. Some studies have shown that it is not actually the amount of testosterone that you have, as there are many people that have high testosterone levels that have full heads of hair, but how many DHT binding receptors are suddenly made available. Once attached, this will prevent the hair from surviving, and even though women have just a fraction of the testosterone that men have, this chemical change is what causes hair to fall out, and there are some possible remedies for this.

How It Can Get Worse With Women?

There is a definite connection between the balance of hormones in your body, and how DHT affects your hair follicles, something that might be worth noting because of menopause. After the age of 30, the amount of hormones in a woman’s body begins to drop sharply, and due to this natural cyclical occurrence, menopause can actually lead to an increase in DHT production.

How Androgenic Alopecia Affects Women Differently?

When men experience male pattern baldness, it is almost always in that V shaped pattern that you commonly see with people that are balding. It starts from the front, leaving the front middle of the hair line in fact, and everything else starts to move back. This can cause a very unsightly appearance to the top of your head if you are a guy, but the same does not happen with women. Women typically lose hair evenly throughout the scalp, making everything simply look thinner. This problem can also be exacerbated by difficulties within your ovaries such as developing cysts, taking birth control pills, and might even happen to younger women if they are pregnant. The key is to maintain a proper balance of hormones in your body as long as possible so that your body will not activate an excessive amount of the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase to cause this process to occur.

Other Reasons For Baldness In Men And Women

There are many other reasons that baldness can occur. The most common is extreme amounts of stress. You may have met someone before that had just started working at a new job, or perhaps they are now a family person, and they are simply not ready for it, causing tops of hair to fall out. Stress actually causes problems with the immune system, and it has been thought to actually attack the hair follicles in the same way that DHT does, causing hair loss to abruptly occur. Regardless of why it happens, extreme stress in your life can lead to hair loss occurring, as well as traumatic injuries and surgeries that take many weeks or months to recover from.

Remedies For Hair Loss In Men And Women

One of the best remedies for hair loss that can actually prevent hair loss is to take saw palmetto berries. Although these may not directly affect the conversion process of testosterone into DHT because of enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase, it does increase the amount of blood flow throughout your body, specifically in the capillaries in your head. This is something that is often used by people that are having memory problems. They may find themselves experiencing a significant increase in cognitive abilities by taking these berries every day. A side effect seems to be more nutrients delivered to the hair follicles in your head that are suffering from DHT, preventing the process from completely eliminating your hair’s ability to survive because of this natural process.


If you are lucky enough to have genetics where this particular enzyme is not able to be produced in high enough quantities to convert testosterone into DHT, you may never experience hair loss until much later in life. Hopefully, you can use some of the suggestions in this article, and of course take saw palmetto berries to help stop hair loss from getting any worse than it is, or potentially prevent the process from occurring. A cure for hair loss may never be made, and you could also try other remedies including Rogaine for the top and back of your head which works very effectively at preventing hair loss and growing it back. However, for male pattern baldness, or the thinning of hair that happens with women, saw palmetto may be the best solution for not only preventing hair loss from occurring if used early enough, but to potentially grow some hair back.

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