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Pack of Condoms in Venezuela Costs the Same as an iPhone

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Venezula is in dire economic crisis after the crash of oil prices. At the end of January, thousands of Venezuelans joined the rally in the capital city of Caracas where they expressed dissatisfaction with high inflation, crime rate and lack of basic goods in that country. At the US Business Insider they made comparison the local prices of condoms and Apple iPhone.

In this South American country a pack of 36 condoms according to their website Mercado Libre ( price comparison site ) costs around 4760 BOB ( Bolivian boliviano ) – according to the current exchange rates that is around 700 USD – for that price you could get an original unlocked and contact-free Apple iPhone.

A pack of 3 condoms will “rob” their wallets for around 65$ ( same pack costs around $5 in the US and the average monthly wage is much lower in Venezuela as compared to the US ).

The high price spike in condom prices could be related to the  high level of teenage pregnancies and infections through STD’s. Abortion is illegal in Venezuela so the lack of contraception will increase the death rate of women who seek abortions in illegal clinics and it will also increase the prices of such procedures.

The lack of condoms will probably have a very high impact on the economical state of the country as these pregnant young girls will be forced to go to work instead of getting a proper education.

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