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Panasonic Launches New CX TV Series This December

Panasonic CX420

4k is the buzzword when it comes to new TV launches. If you have not heard of 4k before, that is the ultra high-definition resolution that more TVs are now supporting. That amounts to a 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, which is now becoming more prevalent. Having announced them in November, Panasonic has now launched five new entry-level 4k TVs in the USA this December.

Panasonic’s latest 4k TVs fall into the CX400 and CX420 series, and they boast an ultra HD resolution amounting to 3840 x 2160. The CX400 series include black bezel models among which areTC-50CX400U, TC-55CX400U and the TC-65CX400U. The CX420 series include the TC-55CX420U and the TC-65CX420U. The TV models have the following dimensions:

The CX400 Series

TC-55CX400U (55-inch class)
TC-65CX400U (65-inch class)
TC-65CX400U (65-inch class)

The CX420 Series

TC-55CX420U (55-inch Class)
TC-65CX420U (65-inch Class)

There is not a huge difference between the series except the color of their frames. The CX400 TVs have black bezel frames. In comparison, the CX420 models have matte silver bezel frame colors. Mr Bauer, a Panasonic president, said of the new TVs:

Panasonic has a rich history and expertise in delivering category-leading HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs to consumers. We have brought that same technological know-how to our first line of value-priced 4K Ultra HD TVs opening the 4K experience up to an even wider range of consumers who want Panasonic picture quality that fits their budget.

So even though the CX series have 4k resolutions, they are not necessarily high-end models. These are TVs that do not have all the advanced options and settings you might expect to find with higher-end alternatives. For example, Panasonic has said nothing of any VP9 or HEVC support for these latest models. Note that they do not offer any access to the Firefox OS either. Consequently, they are retailing at the $799.99 to $1,499.99 range.

The new TVs offer out-of-the-box optimization. This means that default settings are pre-optimized so you do not need to calibrate them yourself.

The CX series also include smart TV apps. With them you can access apps from Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Toon Goggles and Pandora. The 4K content services are built into the new models. Plus you can get access to movies and videos with Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

The new CX TV models are effectively out now. You can find out more details about them at the Panasonic website. Click here for a CX400 page and here for a CX420 model page.

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